Indian National Killed, Two Injured in Hezbollah Terror Attack On Israel: IDF

The Israeli embassy in India confirmed on Tuesday that one Indian national was killed and two more Indians were injured in a terror attack by Hezbollah along the border with Lebanon in Northern Israel.

Indian National Killed, Two Injured in Hezbollah Terror Attack On Israel: IDF

New Delhi: The Israeli embassy in India announced on Tuesday that a terror attack by Hezbollah along the Lebanon-Israel border in Northern Israel on Monday claimed the life of one Indian national and wounded two more Indians. The victim has been identified as a 31-year-old man from Kerala. According to information, the victim has been identified as 31-year-old Nibin Maxwell, son of Pathrose Maxwell, from Kollam district in Kerala. Reports have also verified that the other two injured are also from Kerala. Nibin Maxwell had reached Israel two months ago and was working in a farm there.

In its statement, the Israeli embassy said, “We are deeply appalled and grieved by the death of one Indian national and the injury of two others due to a cowardly terror attack carried out by Shia terror organization Hezbollah, on peaceful agriculture workers who were tending to an orchard at the northern village of Margaliot yesterday early afternoon. Our prayers and thoughts naturally go to the families of the deceased and those of the injured.”

“Israeli medical institutions are fully at the service of the injured who are being treated by our very best medical staff. Israel regards equally all nationals, Israeli or foreign, who are injured or killed due to terrorism. We will be there to support the families and offer them assistance. Our countries, who are sadly well experienced in civilian loss, stand united in hopes of a quick recovery for the injured and comfort for the family of the deceased” the Israeli embassy in India said.

Meanwhile, the Times of Israel reported that Hezbollah launched a volley of rockets at northern Israel on Monday night, causing damage that cut off power in several towns, as the military hit targets in Lebanon following a fatal cross-border attack by the terror group earlier in the day.

According to the Israel Defence Forces, at least 10 rockets were fired from Lebanon at the Western Galilee. Some of the projectiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system.

Fighting also persists in Gaza with the Israeli Defence forces claiming that they eliminated Islamic Jihad terrorists who fired rockets toward Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Hatzerim. Fifteen terrorists were eliminated using sniper, tank and aerial fire. IDF forces also struck terrorist targets and eliminated terrorists operating from within civilian areas in Western Khan Yunis.