Man arrested for secretly filming young couples in posh hotel rooms

A tiny hole in the ceiling contained a recording and streaming device which could be operated remotely.

Man arrested for secretly filming young couples in posh hotel rooms
Representational image courtesy Pixabay

In yet another incident which serves a stark reminder to check hotel rooms for surveillance equipment, a Chinese man was recently arrested on charges of placing spy cameras inside rooms of posh hotels in Sichuan to film young couples having sex.

According to a report in South China Morning Post, the accused reportedly placed tiny video capturing devices in holes made in the ceiling of rooms and sold the footage captured online for a handsome amount. The camera was noticed by a young couple who had checked into a hotel in Chengdu targeted by the accused. It is learnt that they noticed the hole and upon investigating, found a camera inside it. The couple informed the police and the camera was promptly confiscated. The device which - because it had no wires - was found to be a recording and streaming device capable of being turned on and off remotely.

While the hotel claimed they had no knowledge of the surveillance device, authorities did find that a man had booked two rooms in March and it was revealed that these were the same rooms where the spycams had been found.

Consequent raids led police to the house of the accused where they recovered hard disks containing 3 terabytes of spy footage of couples getting intimate. Police officials also revealed that further probe revealed the accused set up an online site with dedicated but discreet membership which was charged on a monthly basis.
While the accused is being charged for spreading obscene articles, it is not clear if the members who paid for these videos will face any action.