Akasa Air makes journey SAFER for visually-impaired flyers, introduces BRAILLE in-flight safety manual

With the introduction of the braille in-flight safety manual, Akasa Air is working to make the flight experience safer for visually-impaired passengers.

  • Akasa Air introduces braille in-flight safety manual for visually-impaired flyers
  • The manual is developed by Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged
  • The braille safety manual will be offered upon request by passengers

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Akasa Air makes journey SAFER for visually-impaired flyers, introduces BRAILLE in-flight safety manual

Akasa Air is a new name in the Indian aviation industry. The airline is carving a niche for itself with the introduction of new novelties for flyers. While the airline is not operating on many routes in the country, it certainly has managed to catch the attention of the flyers. This time around, Akasa Air has announced beefing up in-flight safety for flyers with visual impairments. The airline announced that it will offer its in-flight safety manual not only in English and Hindi but in braille script as well. In keeping with the airline’s core value of empathy and ensuring that each of our customers have a warm and consistent experience, the Braille in-flight safety manual provides an explanation of the safety instructions, in English and Hindi, Akasa Air claims.

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The airline has partnered with The Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC) to develop this Braille in-flight safety manual. The Braille in-flight safety manual provided to passengers onboard upon request, covers detailed instructions on seatbelt operation, location of emergency exits and life jackets, tactile diagrams that help orient passengers to aircraft and aircraft positions and other essential safety information.

Commenting on the launch, Belson Coutinho, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Akasa Air, said, “We are committed to being socially cohesive with a focus on being dependable, warm, efficient, and reliable and our Braille in-flight safety manual is a testimony to this commitment. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Sam Taraporevala and the entire team at XRCVC for their guidance and constant support in our endeavour towards inclusive travel.”

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Dr. Sam Taraporevala, Executive Director, XRCVC who helped develop the manual, said “The Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC), a department of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai (, is a national level support and advocacy centre for persons with disabilities. XRCVC was set up in 2003 as an Assistive Technology support centre for students with visual impairment in higher education. Akasa Air’s Braille in-flight safety manual is an example of an airline taking a step towards social inclusion.”

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