Jet Airways CEO travels in Akasa Air flight, praises RIVAL airline for ‘excellent crew’

After travelling on the Akasa Air flight, Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor called it a "nice flight" and praised the services of the airline for the warm and welcoming behaviour of crew members.

Jet Airways CEO travels in Akasa Air flight, praises RIVAL airline for ‘excellent crew’

Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor is an avid social media user and never backs from expressing his views on matters of aviation. Recently the aviation expert took a flight in one of the planes of India's newest airline. After his flight, the company's CEO expressed his views on the services provided by the new airline through his Twitter account. Along with his experience with the airline, he also shared a picture with the crew members of Akasa Air. It is to be noted that Akasa Air began its operations in India two months ago and is the first airline to open in India in the last decade.

Sanjiv Kapoor, in his flight review, praised the airline for its "warm and personalized service."Sharing his experience in his tweet Sanjiv Kapoor said, "Nice flight on Akasa this afternoon, excellent crew with warm and personalized service." The post was accompanied by one of the pictures. Sharing one other picture along with the post Jet Airways CEO said, "And one where I took my mask off for a moment for the photo. Crew diligently kept theirs on."

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Recently, the airline began its flight operations from Delhi and is working on expanding its domestic flight services. Currently, Akasa Air has a fleet of 6 aircraft and runs roughly 30 flights every day. But by the end of March 2019, the company will have purchased 72 Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft and will have 18 brand-new aircraft. At present, the airline is working with a total staff of 800 people and the number keeps increasing every month.

In a big move, Akasa Air recently revealed its pet policy. The airline will allow pets to travel with their owners from November. Every animal must be housed in a cage. In the case of the cabin, the weight restriction will be 7 kilograms, and in the case of check-in, it will be 32 kilograms. For heavier pets, there will be another choice. Later, the pet policy will be "improved."

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