Jet Airways to get first aircraft soon? Siberian Airline's Airbus A320 spotted wearing Indian brand's livery

The internet has been full of rumours of Jet Airways looking toward Airbus for its narrowbody aircraft needs and now the expectations have been reinforced with the spotting of an A320neo plane in airlines livery. 

Jet Airways to get first aircraft soon? Siberian Airline's Airbus A320 spotted wearing Indian brand's livery Image for representation

Jet Airways is moving closer to starting its commercial flight operations, and reports suggest that the airline has acquired an Airbus A320nee aircraft. Earlier, the rumours were going around suggesting that the airline will acquire an aircraft meant for other airlines. However, these are not rumours anymore. An A320neo was spotted painted with the Jet Airways livery. This discovery also suggests that the airline will look toward Airbus narrow-body aircraft for its fleet. It is to be noted that many of these aircraft are being circulated on social media platforms reinforcing the expectations.

The most recent spotting suggests that Jet Airways has acquired an Airbus A320neo aircraft meant for S7 Siberian Airline. It was previously reported that Jet Airways is in discussions with manufacturers and lessors to purchase up to 8 more planes before 2023. Popular narrowbody aircraft like the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 often have extensive waiting lists, but Jet was rumoured to be eyeing the jets that were scheduled to be delivered to Russian carriers prior to the Ukraine War.

When Jet released a message on Twitter in July seeking applications for current and type-rated pilots on the Airbus A320, Boeing 737NG, or 737 MAX aircraft, it was one of the earliest indications that Jet was contemplating the A320. It was intriguing to see that Jet had advertised for pilots with experience flying the 737 and the A320 aircraft, indicating that it would start its second stint with a mixed fleet.

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Meanwhile, reports were suggesting thatJet Airways has delayed the start of its flight operations and is still in talks with lessors and other organisations to get aircraft. At the time, the airline spokesperson said, "There is no deadline; target dates are set by us alone, and we have always maintained that this is a marathon, not a sprint. We had said we were targeting to launch by October 2022, and we are tracking quite close to that."