'You are so cute that anyone will tease you', Delhi school teacher's reply to class 4 student on sexual abuse complaint

A case under POSCO Act has been registered against the three accused senior students.

'You are so cute that anyone will tease you', Delhi school teacher's reply to class 4 student on sexual abuse complaint
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NEW DELHI: A Class 4 student of a reputed school in Delhi's Vivek Vihar locality, who was allegedly sexually abused by three senior students, was told by his teacher that he was ''so cute that anyone will tease him'' when he complained that he was being sexually abused by his seniors.

It was reported on Tuesday that the Class 4 student was allegedly sexually abused by three senior students for three consecutive days in the school bus.

The matter came to light when the boy narrated the whole story to his parents.

The boy had already complained to the teacher-in-charge of the bus about the same, but no action was taken against the three senior students.

Traumatised by the events, the boy refused to go to school and apparently locked himself inside the doors when his parents insisted.

He even attempted to end his life, his parents alleged.

It was only then that the parents of the boy came to know about his alleged sexual molestation by the three senior students.  

After getting to know what had happened to their child, the parents immediately brought the matter to the attention of the school authorities. The parents alleged that they did not get a strong response from the school authorities and finally decided to take the matter to the police.

In their complaint, they alleged that their child was sexually abused and even hit by the three senior students. The parents said that their child was completely traumatised by the events and was very scared. 

On the basis of their complaint, the police registered a case against the three accused students under the POSCO Act. The parents of the boy have also demanded action against the school teacher.  

The school management has now rusticated the three accused students and issued a show-cause notice to the teacher-in-charge of the bus. Of the three accused, one is a student of Class 10 and the other two accused study in Class 8 and Class 7.   

It has been reported that the Delhi Commission of Women has also sent a notice to the school and sought a detailed report in connection with the incident. 

Several incidents of sexual abuse and molestation in schools have been reported in the recent past and the parents have been urged to explain the concept of 'good touch, bad touch' to their children. 

Psychologists and NGOs working with children have said that such incidents are often not reported due to fear of possible social stigma.

However, such incidents can take a massive toll, especially on impressionable minds of minors, if not tackled seriously.