How to expand brain awareness and hack experiences!

How to expand brain awareness and hack experiences!
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There have been innumerable debates on the human brain and its role – and the existence of 'consciousness' as an independent element. This fresh analysis will help us understand that the brain, in fact, is only a medium through which the physical experience leads to awareness, and not the source of awareness itself.


The brain is a mere interface between the mind and consciousness such that although the three are connected, the mind and consciousness work on their own – independent of the brain. The brain is an organ which helps us experience physical reality – however, it is not easy to locate the consciousness within brain – it is for this very reason why scientists could never locate consciousness in the brain.

Owing to this incredible connectivity between awareness and experience, which is carried out by brain – it is imperative to keep the brain well nourished, and deprive it of unnecessary stress and disturbances.


Interestingly, our brain experiences a number of brainwaves and each wave is associated with a particular feeling or sensation. There are brainwaves like: Alpha Waves, Beta Waves, Delta Waves, Gamma Waves and Theta Waves. Know how each wave is associated with your mental state and try to shift them accordingly.

Here's a list of five exercises you could follow in order to shift brainwaves to expand awareness:

Alternate nostril breathing

Also known as Nadi Sodhana, this practice helps in synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain though movements and breathing patterns.

Rhythmic breathing meditation

Mediation is highly beneficial. The longer you meditate, the longer the brainwave shift tend to last.

Binaural and Monaural beats

These beats help the brain to react when heard. They are often designed to produce psycho-somatic effects that synchronize with the brain.

Resonant Vowel Sound Chanting & Organic Instrumentation

With the help of mouth, throat, tongue – certain words can be pronounced in a way which will facilitate the resonance between brain and awareness. This practice helps in shifting wavelengths.

Bilateral Eye Movement Therapy

It is a component of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. This can be practiced easily by making eye movements from right to left and vice versa without straining.