Evan Rachel Wood over the moon about pregnancy

Los Angeles: Actress Evan Rachel Wood says motherhood is her dream and she is excited about her pregnancy.

The 25-year-old and her husband Jamie Bell are expecting their first child together and Wood couldn`t be happier, reported Access Hollywood.

"I`m very excited. I`m over the moon. Motherhood is my dream and my husband is always the one I wanted to do it with. So, I`m very happy!," she said.

Talking about her new movie `The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman`, Wood said it was difficult getting the Romanian accent right and the budget for the indie drama did not stretch to a dialect coach.

"I had someone make some tapes for me... So on my lunch breaks I was in my trailer with the CD just trying to study it as much as possible. Then once I got to Romania, I just tried to listen to the locals.

"Luckily, I was filming in the city I was supposed to be from, so if I got stuck on something I could just look at anybody and ask, `How do you say this? How does it sound?` and then I would mimic it. But it was difficult," she said.