Farhan Akhtar to get up close and personal with his fans soon

New Delhi: It is very rare for cinemagoers and fans to interact with their favourite stars and directors in a personal, intimate space.

But breaking this ice is a unique new event which offers the chance to get personal with one of the most talented filmmaker Farhan Akhtar this month.

At the Boss Dialogue 100 people will get as close as they want to be to a number of famous Hindi film directors. Thanks to Footprint Media, a consultancy run by renowned film journalist Indu Mirani .

In a series of monthly interviews which will begin with Farhan Akhtar on April 20, at an artistic bungalow Last Ship in Chuim Village, Bandra the audience will get a chance to question the filmmakers.

The director will also showcase an edited scene from his favourite movie Dil Chahta Hai which was cut at the editing table.

The next session will be with the enormously entertaining Farah Khan on May 31.