Justin Bieber regrets comment on Lindsay Lohan

Los Angeles: Singer Justin Bieber regrets his jibe at actress Lindsay Lohan`s tax issues in a post on Instagram, which he later removed.

Bieber, 19, had written a defensive message on Instagram, bashing reports that said he needs to go to a rehab.

The message read: "If anyone believes I need rehab that`s their own stupidity. (lol) I`m 19 with 5 number one albums... I`m growing up while having people watch me and criticise me every day. I think I`m doing pretty damn good. And to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements."

As per reports, Lohan was appalled to see Bieber`s remarks and thought them to be mean.

However, Bieber later deleted the post.

"My post was only up for a few minutes, but I realised right away that what I said at the end was wrong and distracted from what I was trying to say," tmz.com quoted Bieber as saying.