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Valentine Special: Look like a hunk with these tips

Valentine Special: Look like a hunk with these tips
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The cutest day of the Valentine`s Week is here. All the divas are in love with adorable and chubby teddies but want a hot hunk as their valentine. Bharti Taneja, renowned beauty expert and founder director of Alps Cosmetic Clinic will give all the dudes to look like a hunk in a jiffy.

Say bye to chubby cheeks: Want to hide the cheeks people love to pull? Keep a beard. It will camouflage and give your a slimmer appeal. Keep your beard trimmed and groomed , you may try different styles.

Hide your love handles: Whether you want to hide love handles or `bear` belly, right size clothing and darker shades will help you shed few kgs in a snap. Loose clothing will make you look bigger than you are; or a little too tight clothes can draw attention to the undesirable. Darker hues like navy, maroon, aubergine, dark brown and the ever fashionable black are appealing. Avoid bright or light colours and too busy prints.

Have deeper pockets: Every girl prefers a rich lad but stuffed pockets with fat wallets, huge cellphones, car keys etc. gives you a fuller appeal at the wrong places. Try keeping your pockets empty as much as possible.

Right posture : Standing straight , pulling your shoulders down, elongating your neck and keeping your chin high slims you down instantly . This will also boost your confidence and make you look charismatic. Trying out shoes with heels can also help.

Perfect neckline:Wearing V neck shirts can take away attention from your double chin. Wearing high collars and pointed collars hide your neck , making you look shorter. So avoid them in all occasions.