Lionel Messi's special FIFA World Cup boots with birth date of his sons written on them go VIRAL, check PIC

A Lionel Messi fan wrote, "Made for a legend" after looking at his golden boots with which he is playing in FIFA World Cup 

Lionel Messi's special FIFA World Cup boots with birth date of his sons written on them go VIRAL, check PIC

Lionel Messi, on Saturday (November 26), helped Argentina beat Mexico in their second match of FIFA World Cup 2022. Messi has been trending on social media websites since his epic goal from outside the box vs Mexico. Argentina eventually won the match 2-0 to keep the tournament hopes alive. But even before the match, Messi had made headlines, not because of his game but because of the boots he is wearing in the current World Cup. UEFA Champions League posted a picture of his boots on their social media handles and it got fans attention. 

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What was so special about Messi's World Cup boots? Messi's boots, which are golden in colour, has the names of his sons and their birth dates written on it. Boots are very special for the footballers and Messi has made it even more special in possibly his last World Cup. His boots had his kids' name written on it: 'Thiago 02 11 12, Mateo 11 09 15'.

Take a look at Messi's boots below:

Messi fans have been going crazy since the picture of boots came out. A fan wrote in the comments section: "Made for a legend". Those words cannot be more truer.

Messi has scored two goals in the Qatar World Cup now. He had scored the only goal for Argentina in their opening game on November 22 vs Saudi Arabia. That was a penalty conversion. The one vs the Mexico was a rare outside-the-box goal in this World Cup. Messi positioned himself well and outsmarted the legendary Guillermo Ochoa, the goalkeeper of Mexico, to net the ball. Enzo Fernandez then scored a goal in the last minutes of the match to seal the deal for the South American nation. 

Argentina meet Poland next and win in that match, will take them through to the World Cup Round of 16 stage.      

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