Fitness-preneur Akshit Puri decodes the path to a healthy lifestyle post-pandemic

With a strong digital presence, Akshit Puri helps individuals across the globe to find their fitness calling and brings them a step closer to a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness-preneur Akshit Puri decodes the path to a healthy lifestyle post-pandemic

Being healthy and having a fit body is not only a dream for many people but it is also an important requirement as they correctly say ‘Health is Wealth.’ Without being healthy, one can’t sustain in the long run especially in an era where new diseases are being diagnosed every now and then. It won’t be wrong to say that people are slowly inclining towards steps that can help them remain fit. Healthcare and fitness industry has also evolved a lot particularly during the Covid era. Fitness coaches and gym trainers have seemed to discover new ways of reaching out to people and one such name booming in the industry is Akshit Puri. A well-known name in the realm of the fitness and healthcare industry, Akshit Puri, has been the torch-bearer of this new innovative method of reaching out to the masses.

The young fitness freak has carved a niche around himself by his innovative ways of reaching out to his followers with his unique and insightful fitness-related videos. Tapping the immense potential of digital space, he started producing content related to workout and fitness on his Instagram handle and have helped people in transforming their life. It was nearly impossible for the general public to get the proper guidance to achieve a healthy body during the lockdown as gyms and wellness studios were shut. During this time, Akshit has been a boon for lakhs of people wanting to achieve a good physique.

A life inspiring others

Akshit Puri, who hails from the capital city of New Delhi is a complete package of talent. Having a strong family business background, he, along with his family shifted to New York, USA nearly five years ago in order to help his father in the business. He had business in his genes and through his sharp entrepreneurial skills, he helped his father in the business. Within a very short span of time, he transformed his father’s business into a well-known brand and proved his caliber as a businessman.

Following his massive success as an entrepreneur, Akshit Puri decided to move ahead with his passion of being a fitness and wellness coach. He has always been passionate about being healthy and fit. Akshit, from a very young age, started hitting the gym in order to achieve a good physique and he was successful in achieving what he desired. 2019 was a moment of realization for him as people were shocked and surprised seeing his amazing transformation. He strongly felt that it’s high time to transform his passion into a serious business, a brand with which people can resonate, a brand that gives him a unique identity.

Making digitalization count

The young lad started posting fitness and workout-related videos on his official Instagram handle- and slowly he started getting positive feedback as people started to like his content. Then everyone knows what happened, yes, Covid happened. People were confined to their homes and it negatively impacted their health. This was an opportunity for Akshit to do something new and prove his mettle. The fitness freak upgraded the frequency and quality of his videos. He started producing a variety of videos on different topics which included workout videos, fitness tips, tips on diets, and other healthcare and fitness-related videos.

Akshit, believing in ‘Quality over Quantity’ provides the best tips to his followers, he makes sure that videos are shot from different angles and are edited by himself. He has often been credited for helping a lot of people specifically the youngsters in achieving a good physique. He, through his videos, also spreads awareness among the youth to give up the intake of alcoholic substances. Currently, he has a huge fan base of nearly one lakh followers on his Instagram account.

Talking about his massive success and future prospects, he says, “God has been kind to me and thankfully my journey, so far, has been great. I am following my passion along with helping people to remain fit and this is what makes me happy. I wish to expand my business and take it to a whole new level. Currently, my target audience is in the USA and hopefully, in the future, I will try to take my brand to a global market.”

Having a degree in Mass Communication with sharp entrepreneurial skills and top of that, being a well-known fitness coach, one can say that Akshit Puri is a man with limitless talent. The fitness freak has a long and bright career waiting for him.


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