Congress removes labourer from Jaipur party office for wearing 'Narendra Modi' T-shirt

As things go during a politically-charged atmosphere, the optics of putting up a Rahul Gandhi banner while wearing a T-shirt with Narendra Modi's name printed on it is quite the contrast at play.

Congress removes labourer from Jaipur party office for wearing 'Narendra Modi' T-shirt Zee News Photo

Congress on Friday removed a labourer from the premises of its Jaipur party office after it was observed that he was putting up a poster of Rahul Gandhi while wearing a T-shirt from an event in 2018 which had been attended by PM Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister's name and the name of the event was boldly mentioned on the back of the T-shirt.

The episode unfolded during a meeting of Indian Overseas Congress chief Sam Pitroda. The labourer had been busy organising the venue for the meeting with many here oblivious to the T-shirt he was wearing. The white T-shirt was simple and hardly raised any eyebrows till what was printed on its back was observed by some. It was found that the T-shirt was part of the items released and distributed during the inauguration of Barmer Refinery and Petrochemical Complex on January 16 of 2018. PM Modi was the chief guest at the event and his name was prominently displayed on the T-shirts distributed.

While wearing the T-shirt in itself did not evoke much attention, that the worker was wearing it - oblivious to what was printed in all probabilities - while putting up a banner of Rahul Gandhi was a contrast of epic proportions.

Even the Congress leaders present here had hardly paid any attention to the labourer. Once it was brought to their notice, however, the labourer was removed from the premises of the party office.

In a charged-up political atmosphere, optics are being given special attention and political parties are leaving no stone unturned to appear confident of bringing each other down. The battle between BJP and Congress, in particular, is intense with both parties accusing each other on a host of issues.

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