Narendra Modi reveals why his mother does not stay with him at PM house in Delhi

Asked if he sends a part of his salary to his mother, PM Narendra Modi said that in fact his mother still gives him money.

NEW DELHI: In a freewheeling chat with actor Akshay Kumar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday revealed why his mother does not stay with him in Delhi at the PM residence. When Akshay asked the PM if he misses his family, Modi responded by saying: "I left my home at a very early age. I don't have very close ties with anyone in my family. Maybe when I first left home, I would have felt bad but I am used to this life now."

He also added that he had called his mother to stay with him at the PM residence in Delhi a few days back but could not give her much time. "She came to stay with me but we hardly had one or two dinners together. I used to come back home around 12 due to my official work and she used to be worried. She said she wanted to go back to Gujarat where people from the village come to the house often and she remains occupied," he said.

Asked if he sends money from his salary to his mother, the PM said that in fact his mother still gives him money. "My mother gives me money even today. She doesn't expect anything from me in return. She has always given me Rs 1.25 whenever I meet her. I am the only person who as a PM and even as a CM, have never charged the government for my personal expenses," he said.

The PM also touched upon several non-political issues during the chat. When asked if he ever gets angry, Modi said that he believes that anger entails negativity. "I do not express my anger as it leads to negativity. Over the years I have trained myself in a way that I do not express anger, instead, I try to get best out of the situation by inspiring others".

He also added that he is strict and disciplined but does not insult anyone. "Being strict, disciplined and getting angry are two different things. If something unpleasant happens, then I write about it on a piece of paper and then tear that paper. I repeat the process again till the time I calm down. By doing this I feel that I have vent out my anger, in the end, I tear that away," he said.

He also said that he has good relations with politicians from across party lines. He revealed that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sends him one-two kurtas and sweets every year.

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