This summer say bye to wet wipes!

It is even medically proven that wipes do not provide any skin benefits.

Zee Media Bureau

With the arrival of summer, the super markets are flooded with wide varieties of perfumed wet wipes. In the past two-three years, these time saving, super convenient and handy wipes have given a major boost to skincare industries. Every big brand is introducing their own variety with unique fragrance ranging from cologne to tuberose.


Nowadays, they are a crucial source of instant freshness. Wipes acts as a savior when we do not have the time and gear to wash and cleanse our face with water.


But, after every usage many of us develop itching, irritation and sagging under eyes. Have you ever wondered why? It's because of Formaldehyde. To increase the shelf life of these wipes formaldehyde-which is a common allergen- is added as a preservative. Many researchers have suggested that prolonged exposure of formaldehyde may leads to certain types of cancer in humans.


Apart from this, some more anti-bacterial agents and chemicals are also added to preserve the 18 months long shelf life of wipes. So, on each usage, we are coating our skin with an excess of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.


It is even medically proven that wipes do not provide any skin benefits.


So, this summer avoid excessive use of wipes and opt for some high performance creme moisturizer which are free from petrochemicals and genetically modified ingredients.

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