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7 simple ways to overcome depression

Depression is a pervasive feeling or a state of mood which affects a person's thoughts, behaviour. 

Irengbam Jenny

Depression is a pervasive feeling or a state of mood which affects a person's thoughts, behaviour. If one is depressed they lose interest in activities once they considered pleasurable.

Sometimes depression can be deliberating and different from feeling of being sad or unhappy. It results from a combination of recent events and other long-term or personal factors. Though, it cannot be cured with medication but there are simple ways which can be done to overcome depression.

Here are some simple ways to overcome depression:

Be mindful: Depressed mind thinks over all the wrong and unnecessary worries. This negative thought is not helpful to the person who is depressed. It can be overcome with the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness means practice engaging your senses i.e focus, touch, sight,sound, taste, in the present moment and it is a skill that needs to be practiced. Engaging yourself will leave you with less time to worry.

Listen to music: Listening to music is also one of the ways to overcome depression. One should listen to the upbeat or happy music to change the atmosphere instantly and to create a positive vibe. Happy music changes the mood and helps you to overcome depression.

Stop negative talk: Depressed people tend to see and talk negatively of everything in the world. They also reinforce self doubt and feelings of worthlessness because if things go wrong they blame themselves and if things go right they put down to luck. One should not take seriously of the negative thought if you feeling low. A perspective should be kept to avoid the negative talks and overcome depression.

Distraction: One should distract oneself from the thoughts of all the useless things and over thinking. Your thought is the enemy and makes way for you to set in depression. Reading a book or finishing a puzzle are the best ways to distract yourself from thinking while depressed. Make yourself busy as it is an effective way to overcome depression.

Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep can cause you irritability and stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being. Sleep and mood swings are closely connected. It is proved that sleep deprivation has a significant effect on mood. One should get adequate amount of sleep to avoid stress and mood swings which leads to depression.

Exercise: Exercise regularly as it helps in overcoming depression. Exercise releases endorphins which improves the mood. Besides improving the mood, exercising also benefits our health, protect us from many diseases and boosts our self esteem. One should exercise at least for half an hour to an hour everyday as advised by experts for a healthy mind and body.

Stay connected: If you are depressed then sitting idle at home alone or isolating from others is the worst thing to do. You may not like to go out and do recreational activities but one should force oneself to go out as these activities are one of the ways to overcome the feeling of depression. Connect with your friends and hang out with them, as it will have huge positive effect on your mood.