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Barack Obama's visit has opened new chapter in Indo-US ties: Narendra Modi

14:03 pm: US President Barack Obama, First Lady have left for Saudi Arabia onboard Air Force One. 

Barack Obama's visit has opened new chapter in Indo-US ties: Narendra Modi

Just as Obama left India, The White House tweeted:


PM Modi responded:


14:03 pm: US President Barack Obama, First Lady have left for Saudi Arabia onboard Air Force One. 

11:42: am: Obama concludes his speech with a 'Jai Hind'.

11:41 am: We believe in the promise of India, we believe in the people of India...we are proud to be your partner as you build the country of your dreams - Obama

11:40 am: I am the first US President to come to India twice, but I promise I will not be the last - Obama 

11:39 am: We are not perfect countries,have known tragedies and triumphs, have lot of challenges, but our two nation posses the key to progress - Obama

11:36 am: Obama introduces Vishal, 16, son of a manual labourer, who they met at Humayun's Tomb during their last visit to India in 2010. He is example of young talent with aspirations to study, says Obama

11:35 am: Everyone has the right to practice their faith without fear of persecution, discrimination - Obama

11:35 am: Young Indians are not only going to define the progress of this country, they are going to shape the world - Barack Obama

11:34 am: India takes pride in people like Milkha Singh, Mary Kom, Kailash Satyarthi, no dearth of talent in India - Obama

11:34 am: Our nations are strongest when we empower our young - Obama

11:34 am: For US and India, our diversity is our strength, we have to guard against the lines trying to divide us, sectarian or any other lines - Obama

11:30 am: India will succeed so long as it is not splintered on religious lines - Obama

11:28 am: The peace we seek in the world exists in the human heart - Obama

11:26 am: We welcome India's ambitious targets to meet cleaner energy needs. We are ready to help in it - Obama

11:25 am: Have been treated differently for the color of my skin, says Barack Obama

11:25 am: I’m married to a strong and talented woman. Michelle isn't afraid to speak her mind or tell me when I’m wrong, which is often - Obama

11:24 am: The girl who commanded the Guard of Honour, it's a sign of great pride and strength. Nations are more successful when their women are successful. In US we are still working to ensure women get equal opportunities, in India its the wives and mothers who hold the family together - Obama

11:24 am: Our world is strongest when we uphold the dignity of all, including of our women - Obama

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11:23 am: My grandfather was a cook in British Army in Kenya, when we were born, people like us still couldn't vote in many parts (of America) - Obama

11:22 am: We live in countries where a grandson of a cook can become President and son of a tea-seller can become PM - Obama

11:21 am: US welcomes greater role for India in Asia Pacific. Freedom of navigation must be upheld and disputes be sorted in peaceful manner - Obama

11:21 am: Appreciate India's effort for generating more clean energy - Obama

11:20 am: In recent years, India has lifted more people from poverty than any other country, says Obama

11:19 am: India and US can work on vaccines to ensure no child dies of preventable disease - Obama

11:17 am: I support India as permanent member of a reformed UNSC - Obama

11:16 am: We must never stop working for the world as it should be - a world without nuclear weapons, that's our goal, says Obama

11:15 am: America wants to be India's partner to lift up the lives of people - Obama

11:14 am: The world would be a lot safer when our two democracies stand together - Obama

11:10 am: India and US not just natural partners, I believe we can be best partners - Obama

11:09 am: America has the largest Indian diaspora in the world, they tie us together, says Obama

11:08 am: We are one of the few nations who have gone both to the moon and Mars - Obama 

11:07 am: Last time celebrated festival of lights in Mumbai, danced with some children,unfortunately we couldn't arrange dancing this time - Obama

11:05 am: Great honour to be the first US president to join you for Republic Day - Obama

11:04 am: Relationship between India and US can be one of the defining partnership of the century - Obama

11:03 am: To the people of India, I bring the friendship and greetings of the American people, dhanyavad, says Obama

11:01 am: Namaste, says Obama amid loud cheers

10:59 am: Barack Obama to speak shortly 

10:50 am: US President Barack Obama meets his fellow Noble laureate Kailash Satyarthi. Three children - Deepak (8), Ayud (12) and Payal (14) - who were rescued from child labour by Sathyarthi also met Obama.

Satyarthi, along with Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 "for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the rights of all children to education".

10:40 am: President Obama to speak on India and America: The Future We Can Build Together

The town hall meeting at south Delhi's Siri Fort Auditorium is the last engagement on Obama’s itinerary during his three-day-long visit to India. Around 2000 people, mostly youth, are present at the venue.

Obama's visit to India has been a special one this time. It is second trip to India – the first time a serving American Head of State has visited India twice. Also, Obama has become the first US president to attend India's annual Republic Day parade as chief guest.

Experts say the US president's visit has underscored his determination to reinvent a relationship marred by a bitter diplomatic row in late 2013.

Although the trip has been light on substantive policy announcements, Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a breakthrough on a nuclear deal that had stalled under India`s previous government and have been at pains to demonstrate their personal rapport.

Obama, who hosted Modi in Washington in September, had said before the visit that the "stars are aligned" to realise a vision he outlined for the two countries to become global partners when he last visited in 2010.

Both sides want a counter-balance to China, with Modi seen as taking a more assertive line on India`s powerful neighbour than the previous government.

On Monday, both the leaders met business leaders.  While Modi wooed US investors promising a predictable tax regime, removing "remaining uncertainties" and an open business environment, President Barack Obama pledged USD 4 billion in investment for trade with India.

At the same time, Obama flagged US concerns over trade barriers, intellectual property rights and sought consistency and simplicity in regulatory and tax regime for ease of doing business with India.

The two leaders made forth their views clear in back-to-back meetings with top corporate leaders of both the countries at a CEOs Forum and a Business Summit.

Modi asserted that his government has removed some of the "excesses of the past" and said "we will now soon address the remaining uncertainties", an apparent reference to the retrospective taxation law of the previous government that put off global investors.

Modi has gone out of his way to welcome Obama, breaking with protocol to greet him on the tarmac and inviting him to co-host his radio phone-in 'Mann Ki Baat' that will be broadcast on at 8:00 pm on Tuesday.

The US President had been scheduled to visit the Taj Mahal with First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday, but his trip has been cut short to allow him to travel on to Saudi Arabia and pay his respects to new King Salman.

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