Older woman dating younger man: 6 helpful tips for lovers for a smooth relationship

Older woman-younger man relationship: Even in the 21st century, a younger man dating an older woman is considered a big deal, especially when the woman is older by quite a few years. Both men and women suffer from insecurities related to ageism. Here are some tips to avoid awkwardness in such relationships. 

  • The most progressive of us are also products of the society we live in; we will have our insecurities but learn to accept them and deal with them
  • Women should remember that it's okay to mentor the guy, but don't 'mother' in
  • Men should not let their male ego ruin the relationship and learn from the woman's experience and success

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Older woman dating younger man: 6 helpful tips for lovers for a smooth relationship

With changing times, relationships have evolved and people have started becoming more accepting and open when it comes to their outlook. But when it comes to older women dating younger men, people's prejudice continues to see no bounds, even in the 21st century. Recently in the OTT reality show Moving In with Malaika, Farah Khan and Malaika Arora were seen discussing how they have been trolled for marrying and dating, respectively, men far younger than them. These two are not the only examples. We have also seen how Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been a victim of nasty trolling for marrying Nick Jonas who is younger than her by nearly 10 years.  Here are some tips for men and women when it comes to older women dating a younger men.

Dating tips for older women dating younger men

Don't be conscious and date without fear

First and foremost, a woman needs to accept herself in the relationship. Try to free yourself of any negative thoughts and prejudice, then only can you expect others to be accepting of the relationship. Do not think of age being a barrier. As an older woman, you have a wealth of experience that any man worthy of your attention will be glad to share.

Be his lover, not his 'mother'

Being an older woman, you definitely will have much more experience and probably success too. While mentoring is okay to an extent in any relationship, irrespective of gender, don't be a mommy to the guy. Remember you are his lover and not the parent.

Don't be oversensitive about scrutiny

In an ideal world, you would not have had to face any questions about dating an older woman but unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world. So be prepared to face a certain amount of scrutiny. Be confident in yourself and your partner and don't be oversensitive to criticism if it comes your way. Baseless critiques, in any case, should be ignored. 

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Dating tips for younger men dating older women

Reign in the male ego, respect their wisdom

It's the 21st century. Be a man and accept it that it's perfectly normal for a woman to know more than you. While age is not necessarily a criterion to be wise, but an older woman is likely to have more life experiences and might be professionally and financially stabler than you. Don't let the male ego ruin your relationship.

Internalised ageism - work to fight it

Even if you have the best of intentions, social norms make us internalise many things, one being ageism. We have certain longstanding ideas and beliefs about relationships and age - unlearn these ideas and be open and accepting of changes. 

Don't make a big deal about age

You might want to reassure your partner that age is not a 'deciding' factor for you, but in the process, you might end up making her feel just the opposite. Remember, we all have our internal battles and even the most progressive of us are products of the society we live. So insecurities will exist. Instead of age and the differences, focus on the things you like, your shared interests.   


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