Chinese submarines

Amid growing Chinese activities in Indian Ocean, Navy to commission INS Kohassa in Andaman

New Delhi has grown concerned over the presence of China`s bigger navy in its neighbourhood and the network of commercial ports it is building in an arc stretching from Sri Lanka to Pakistan that India fears could become naval outposts. 

Jan 23, 2019, 23:42 PM IST

EXCLUSIVE - China prepares to deploy nuclear submarines at Pakistan's Gwadar Port: True face of CPEC?

It has already started work to build facilities to enable communication with submarines.

Jan 17, 2018, 15:08 PM IST

Two ships, one sub put on long-range deployment by Navy

Another ship INS Kochi, which is also part of this deployment, is proceeding to the Southern Indian Ocean.

Sep 20, 2017, 22:35 PM IST

'A blip on the radar': Are Chinese submarines prowling the depths of Andaman sea?

A blip appeared on the coastal radar screen on Tuesday sending alarm bells ringing in the islands.

Feb 27, 2016, 11:59 AM IST

Thai Navy votes to buy three Chinese submarines worth $1 bn

 Thailand`s navy has voted in favour of buying three Chinese submarines worth US$1 billion, an official said Thursday, the kingdom`s first such vessels in decades if the purchase is approved by the cabinet.

Jul 02, 2015, 15:40 PM IST

Chinese president to visit Pakistan, hammer out $46-billion deal

Chinese President Xi Jinping will launch energy and infrastructure projects worth $46 billion on a visit to Pakistan next week as China cements links with its old ally and generates opportunities for firms hit by slack growth at home.

Apr 16, 2015, 18:58 PM IST

Lanka says it will not allow docking of Chinese submarines

Sri Lanka on Saturday said it will not allow Chinese submarines to dock in its ports, a move apparently aimed at allaying India's concerns.

Feb 28, 2015, 20:37 PM IST

Chinese submarines in Colombo not a threatening situation: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Wednesday said the issue of Chinese submarines making a port call in Colombo was "not a threatening situation" and the vessels were returning from Africa.

Nov 06, 2014, 00:19 AM IST

Pak Navy in process to purchase Chinese submarines

Pakistan`s Defence Ministry has
asked the federal cabinet to approve the purchase of conventional Chinese submarines to counter "emerging threats" that the country faces, according to a media report Wednesday.

Mar 09, 2011, 12:03 PM IST