Human footprints

Oldest human footprints found in dunes of northern Saudi Arabia

The discovery of human footprints, if confirmed, would mark the oldest trace of our species yet found in the Arabian Peninsula, which sits at the gateway to early humans’ spread around the world,

Sep 18, 2020, 19:49 PM IST

Oldest human footprints in North America discovered in Canada: Study

Nearly 13,000-year footprints — likely of two adults and a child — found on an island off western Canada.

Mar 29, 2018, 13:11 PM IST

5.7 million-year-old human-like footprints discovered in Greece

Ever since the discovery of fossils of Australopithecus in South and East Africa during the middle years of the 20th century, the origin of the human lineage has been thought to lie in Africa.

Sep 02, 2017, 18:21 PM IST