triple talaq ban

Watch Debate: Will Parliament impose ban on 'Triple Talaq'?

This segment of Zee News brings to you discussion on concurrent issues. Today's topic for debate is - Will Parliament impose a ban on 'Triple Talaq'? Watch this video to know more.

Jun 21, 2019, 13:42 PM IST

Nikah Halala has security implications that are often ignored

Nikah Halala has ended up a tool in the hands of a hostile country. It also needs to be seen in that light.

Aug 10, 2018, 09:24 AM IST

Polygamy next target for Muslim activists who pressed for triple talaq ban

Many activists termed the ban on triple talaq "a start". Clearly, this alone is not going to be enough. 

Dec 29, 2017, 22:19 PM IST

Jodhpur woman gets talaq over phone despite Supreme Court ban

Even after the Supreme Court's ban on triple divorce, a case of divorce has been reported from Rajasthan's Jodhpur where a man divorced his wife by uttering 'talaq' thrice on the phone.

Sep 25, 2017, 10:25 AM IST

Shabana Azmi hails triple talaq ban, says it is victory for Muslim women

Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi took to Twitter recently to express her views on the 'Triple Talaq' ban by Supreme Court.

Aug 23, 2017, 10:33 AM IST