India’s Best Dancer 2: From power moves to non-stop entertainment, 5 reasons to watch the show!

The dance reality TV show 'India's Best Dancer' season 2 will premiere on Saturday (October 16) on Sony TV and fans are excited to see what's in store.

  • The dance reality TV show 'India's Best Dancer' is back with a second season
  • In the second season, Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis will be the judges
  • The premiere of the second season will air on Saturday (October 16) on Sony Entertainment Television at 8 pm

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India’s Best Dancer 2: From power moves to non-stop entertainment, 5 reasons to watch the show! File photo

New Delhi: Sony Entertainment Television's dance reality show, India’s Best Dancer gained immense popularity with season one and is now back with the much-awaited Season 2!

With the help of digital auditions, talent from across the country participated wholeheartedly from the safety of their homes.

Now, the audience will see a perfect mélange of power-packed performances and inspiring stories every week starting tonight! 
Here are 5 reasons that make this show a MUST WATCH in your weekend list. 

#Ultimate Test to find ‘BestkaNextAvatar’ – Since the show launches on the anvil of the festive season, what better than to lend it a fervorous and celebratory vibe? India’s Best Dancer - season 2 assures to add the jubilation and rejoice in our festivities as it seeks out to find India’s ‘Best ka Next Avatar’!

True to its name and stature, the reality show will be an ultimate test for the best dancers from across the country. So, if you think you have seen it all, brace yourself for the unmatched talent that the show will bring to the fore.


#Judges as E.N.T Specialists  – The panel of judges Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, Terrence Lewis, also known as the E.N.T Specialists will keep a close eye on the Entertainment, Newness and Technique that the contestants bring forth through their dancing.

While Malaika will assess the ‘Entertainment’ quotient in each act, Geeta will look for ‘Newness’ in the moves and Terence will account for perfection in the ‘Technique’. In addition to that, the camaraderie between the judges will continue to amuse the audience this season. Their star value, nok-jhonks, unanimous constructive words of wisdom for the contestants and pleasing demeanour, will be seen adding spunk to India’s Best Dancer - 2. 

#90 Seconds to Make it or Break it - India’s Best Dancer promises to be the toughest dance reality show on Indian television. Ensuring this, the makers have made it challenging at every step. Starting with the Auditions, the contestants will get only 90 seconds on the clock to impress the judges with at least 3 Power Moves to head further in the competition.

As the clock keeps ticking, the judges aka E.N.T Specialists will keep a close eye on the Entertainment, Newness and Technique of the contestants. The competition will be intense and promises to keep the viewers hooked!

#High-Spirited Host - The dynamic Maniesh Paul needs no introduction. He has rightly earned the title of ‘Stage ka Sultan’ in the entertainment industry and now will be seen hosting the latest season of India’s Best Dancer!

The multi-talented actor has a dedicated following of his own, so the audience can only imagine the laughter and fun that Maniesh will add with his antics in the show. We guarantee that in terms of the entertainment quotient, India’s Best Dancer will raise the bar as our host will leave no stone unturned to lace the show with humour, masti, pranks.

#Talent Galore - Watch out for a cohesive mix of dancing talent this season. Talent from across the country will be seen putting their best foot forward! From power moves to learning the set virtually to being dedicated to dance, get ready to be awestruck by the talent.

So be sure to keep that remote ready and tune in to India's Best Dancer - Season 2 starting tonight at 8.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.