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Now, food and water for passengers if train is delayed during meal time

Railway minister Piyush Goel has said the focus is on ensuring delays don't happen in the first place.

Now, food and water for passengers if train is delayed during meal time
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New Delhi: Underlining Indian Railways' commitment towards cleanliness and punctuality, Piyush Goel said on Monday that food and water would be provided to passengers in case their train gets delayed during meal times.

Speaking to members of the press, the railway minister said that reviews have been done of seven zones based on punctuality, cleanliness and catering. "Wherever train is delayed during meal time, we'll ensure food and water is provided for passengers," Goel said. "We want Indian Railways to be an active participant in promoting cleanliness across the network. We'll work towards passenger engagement and creating awareness among passengers."

While passengers can expect on-time performance and increased cleanliness, Goel said top priority would be given on ensuring safety. "Efforts to improve punctuality will be taken without compromising our efforts on safety. Any work related to safety will be given highest priority," he said.

Indian Railways has undertaken several measures to ensure the safety of its trains improves. This is highlighted by the testing of special drones that could soon be fitted in several trains to ensure safety - especially in foggy conditions. These special drones are also touted as critical for ensuring passenger safety at stations.

In addition, many trains have been fitted with bio-toilets while Goel has previously told caterers to ensure the quality of food served on trains is not compromised with.