Follow in footsteps of Shark Tank's Ashneer Grover, who lost 10 kg! Here are 3 quick tips to lose weight

Ashneer Grover weight loss: Former BharatPe co-founder and managing director is in news not for the new season of the reality show 'Shark Tank' but rather for his tremendous weight loss!


Follow in footsteps of Shark Tank's Ashneer Grover, who lost 10 kg! Here are 3 quick tips to lose weight

Ashneer Grover, former co-founder and managing director (MD) of the Indian fintech company BharatPe - who gained a lot of popularity during his stint as an investor in Season 1 of the business reality show 'Shark Tank India' - is once again in news, but now for a different reason. Grover has lost 10 kilos and has put it down to discipline and "zidd" (determination). Grover shared a post on Instagram and spoke about his weight loss recently and captioned the pose, "10 Kgs down! Simply discipline and zidd !!."

Ashneer Grover's weight loss post


Earlier, he has spoken about his struggles with his weight journey. He had also said that he lost "inches and kilos" by eating healthy and walking miles.


So if you are looking to lose weight, here are three steps to follow:

1. Say no to refined carbs

Refined carbohydrates are directly linked to a sharp increase in the risk of contracting many diseases, including obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. So what comprises refined carbs? Broadly, according to, they are of two types: (i) Sugar: this includes processed and table sugar and (ii) Refined grains like white flour. Refined carbs have no nutrional value and just add calories. Even if you can't totally stay away from these, cut down their intake drastically.

2. Exercise

This is the most obvious suggestion, yet the most difficult to keep doing consistently. While diet plays a major (and main) role in weight loss, the importance of exercise can't be stressed enough. More physical activity spikes the number of calories your body uses for energy. Combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise leads to a calorie deficit that will help you shed kilos.

3. Consume healthy fats

It's a misconception, say experts, that all kinds of fats are bad if you are trying to maintain weight. Avocado, eggs, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil are some of the healthy fats (or unsaturated fat) that you can consume. What you should look to avoid is Trans fats - these are frequently added to packaged and processed foods. Then there is also saturated fat that should be consumed in limited quantities. Meat and dairy are primary sources of saturated fat.

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