India's military might vs Pakistan's defence forces

A quick comparison of how India's defence stacks up against Pakistan.

India's military might vs Pakistan's defence forces

In the aftermath of the Pulwama attack where 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed by a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist, there have been voices from several quarters seeking revenge from Pakistan for the dastardly act. 

Here is a quick comparison of how India's defence stacks up against Pakistan.

As per the 2018 military strength ranking by Global Firepower list, India stands at the fourth spot while Pakistan is way down at the 17th spot. 

Despite the use of technology, wars are won by those standing at the front. As per the 2018 report, India has 489,600,000 personnel fit for military service. Of these, 1,362,500 are active personnel and 2,844,750 are reserve personnel.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has 75,325,000 personnel fit for military service. It has 637,000 active and 282,000 reserve personnel.

India has a total aircraft strength of 2185 of which 590 are fighters, 804 attack, 708 transport and 251 trainer. Attack aircraft are defined as those capable of attacking ground/surface targets. India's total helicopter strength stands at 720 which includes 15 attack helicopters. Attack helicopters are defined as multi-engine, rotary-wing systems developed specifically to attack ground targets. 

Pakistan has an aircraft strength of 1281 with 320 fighters, 410 attack, 296 transport and 486 trainer planes. Of the total helicopter strength of 328, Pakistan has 49 attack helicopters.

India has 4426 combat tanks, 3147 armoured fighting vehicles, 190 self-propelled artillery, 4158 towed artillery and 266 rocket projectors. Combat Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), light tanks, and tank destroyers. In the report, no distinction is made between tracked and wheeled designs. Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) value includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) as well as Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). Rocket Projectors primary include self-propelled forms. 

Pakistan has 2182 combat tanks, 2604 armoured fighting vehicles, 307 self-propelled artillery, 1240 towed artillery and 144 rocket projectors. 

India's 295 naval assets include one aircraft carrier, 14 frigates, 11 destroyers, 22 corvettes, 16 submarines, 139 patrol vessels and 4 mine warfare ships. Aircraft carrier value includes traditional carriers as well as helicopter carriers. Submarine value includes diesel-electric and nuclear-powered types.