No 'black' in Swiss Banks: Rahul Gandhi pokes fun of PM Narendra Modi on Twitter

In one tweet, Rahul Gandhi attacked a number of statements made by Modi and his government on black money.

No 'black' in Swiss Banks: Rahul Gandhi pokes fun of PM Narendra Modi on Twitter

NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi continued to lash out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter on Friday. The Congress chief this time trained his guns on the PM over reports that Indian deposits in Swiss banks had risen 50 percent to Rs 7000 crore. Gandhi ribbed Modi over his government's previous statements on black money.

Gandhi raised attention to the fact that Modi while during campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha election had promised to bring back black money stashed in Swiss bank accounts, and that the Modi government had pitched demonetisation as a 'surgical strike on black money'.

"2014, HE said: I will bring back all the "BLACK" money in Swiss Banks & put 15 Lakhs in each Indian bank A/C. 2016, HE said: Demonetisation will cure India of "BLACK" money. 2018, HE says: 50% jump in Swiss Bank deposits by Indians, is "WHITE" money. No "BLACK" in Swiss Banks!" read Gandhi's tweet.



Gandhi's tweet also took a shot at a Facebook post by Union Minister Arun Jaitley, in which he had said all money parked in Swiss bank accounts is not necessarily 'black'. ""

"Those who participate in a public discourse must understand these basic facts before expressing an opinion which may be ill-informed. To assume that all the deposits are per se tax evaded money or that Switzerland in the matter of illegal deposits is what it was decades ago, is to start on a shaky presumption," his post read. Jaitley is presently a Union Minister without portfolio, and had served as Union Finance Minister from 2014 to May 2018, when he left the office due to health issues.

Read Arun Jaitley's full post:

Finance Minister Piyush Goel too had weighed in on the issue, saying the government would receive information on the money held in Swiss banks by next year. "We will have all information. If someone is found guilty, the government will take strong action against them," Goel said to news agency PTI. India and Switzerland have a treaty according to which data between January 1 of 2018 and December 31 of 2018 would be provided.