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Pond full of dead fish triggers alarm in MP town

Residents fear water supply lines in the vicinity of the pond may now be contaminated as well.

Pond full of dead fish triggers alarm in MP town
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Already battling a massive shortage in drinking water despite monsoon rains covering the entire country, residents of Damoh recently discovered a new crisis that could potentially trigger a health emergency.

The town in Madhya Pradesh faces shortage in drinkable water each year and this year has been no different. But what has made locals panic though is that a large pond in Mukesh Colony here has been inundated with thousands of dead fish floating on top of it. Residents here say while a few dead fishes were initially noticed, the number quickly rose to thousands in a matter of days.

The exact reason for the dead fishes has not yet been ascertained but residents believe the water in the pond may have become extremely toxic. They have now completely stopped making use of the water from the pond.

Experts have begun investigations and initial study points to the possibility of sewer water being poured into the pond as the reason for the water here becoming toxic.

Authorities have asked residents not to panic but the fact that there are also two schools which have a boundary wall against the pond has given rise to the fear that water supply lines here may have already become contaminated.

For now, water tankers have been deployed to cater to daily needs of residents.