Skincare 101: 5 Known and effective Korean skincare hacks for a glossy everyday skin

The commitment of Korean women to their skincare routines is not effortless. And here we have quick hacks for you to make your skin look glass-like with some basic Korean techniques. Read to know more.

Skincare 101: 5 Known and effective Korean skincare hacks for a glossy everyday skin Korean Skincare tips

Daily Skincare: The majority of K-pop artists have glassy skin, which paints a picture of skin that appears to be clean. The ultimate goal of this Korean routine is to have skin that is poreless and dewy or glass-like. The glass skin routine is a step-by-step tutorial for getting skin that is smooth, dewy, and almost flawlessly spotless. 

It begins with products created especially for your skin type and involves procedures like double cleansing your skin before applying a serum, lotion, moisturiser, and mist. This skincare routine differs from the standard in that it uses hydrating elements to regulate the pH balance of your skin rather than astringents (a substance that draws water out of tissues, causing them to shrink).

Here’s how you can get glossy skin at home with these 5 hacks,

1. Jamsu- ice water dip

The Korean word for this technique is jamsu, which means to "submerge" in English. It entails covering your fully made-up face with powder and gently immersing it (15 to 30 seconds) in a bowl of ice water.

2. Slap your products on

Instead of rubbing your lotions in, lightly slapping the skin actually causes the product to absorb more deeply and protects you from wasting the product by eliminating smearing.  Over time, collagen is also thought to be stimulated by slapping the face with improved blood flow to the skin.

3. Facial massage

Although lymphatic drainage massages are incredibly popular in spas, Korean women have been using the method at home for years. Start from the base of the neck on the sides, which is where your arteries are, and gently massage your skin in circles upwards, up the jaw, up the sides of the face, and around the eyes, to gently lift and sculpt.


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4. 10-second rule+ Air dry

Instead of wiping or patting your face dry with a towel after washing it, let it air dry. Even when you've recently washed the fibres, a surprising number of bacteria and chemicals are still there, which is harmful to your skin in addition to the friction.
In line with the 10-second rule, you should apply skincare products to your face within 10 seconds after washing it and while it's still moist. Your pores will be most sensitive and able to absorb the products during this sweet spot.

5. Double cleanse

Cleaning looks quite simple, but in reality, especially if you wear a lot of makeup, your cleanser may not be sufficient to get rid of all the dirt on your face. Practice a double cleanse, which involves using an oil-based cleanser (such as a cleansing balm) to remove makeup, followed by a regular water-based cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin, to make sure your face is properly clean.


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