Vastu tips: Decorating home for Diwali? DO NOT keep these plants and flowers indoors

Diwali is the time to spruce up your home, and what's better than putting indoors some pretty plants? But as per Vastu, certain plants and flowers, when kept indoors can lead to bad luck. Check out the full list.

Vastu tips: Decorating home for Diwali? DO NOT keep these plants and flowers indoors

Vastu tips for Diwali: The festival of light is knocking on the doors and it's time to spruce up your home and get it festive-ready. Diwali falls on October 24 this year and people are now busy tidying up their houses. Indoor plants a very important role in our home decor and ahead of Diwali, many people buy new decor items, which include indoor plants. While it's good for one's health too, especially considering the pollution at this time of the year, there are some plants that we should stay away from. They may be popular as home decor but as per Vastu Shastra, these plants can lead to negative energy within the house.  

Do NOT keep these 5 plants indoors

Cactus plants: Cacti can bring negative energy into homes, says Vastu Shastra. Astrology and Vastu consultant Parduman Suri shares, "It is usually believed that cacti and other thorny plants foster arguments and chaos in the home and harm romantic relationships. They are capable of causing financial difficulties. The living room, bedroom, or main entry of your home should not contain such plants."

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Bonsai plants: Beautiful and classy, but unfortunately bonsais are apparently not the plants that one should keep at home. The miniature trees can damage one's prosperity, and block the progress of inhabitants in the house; therefore it's best to avoid keeping them at home, says Vastu Shastra.

Cotton plants: Cotton plants, especially silky cotton plants, are definitely pretty to look at but if placed indoors, they are believed to bring bad luck. So avoid these.

Tamarind plants: Tamarind plants should not be planted in one's garden, according to Vastu Shastra. They are known to attract negativity, can adversely impact people's peace of mind and therefore should not be placed anywhere near one's house.

Mehendi plants: Evil spirits are believed to exist in Myrtle or Mehendi plants! So while you might love henna on your palms and use them for haircare, it's advisable not to keep these plants in the home. The strong smell is also known to disturb one's calm state of mind. 

Not just these indoor plants, flowers also affect a home's energy levels. Parduman Suri says, "Dead flowers should not be stored indoors. These lifeless flowers and plants interrupt the energy flow in the surroundings and hurt the energy balance in the home. Furthermore, some flowers, such as carnations, should never be kept inside the home. They are believed to bring bad fortune. You can, however, plant carnations in your garden."


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