Public Provident Fund: Invest Rs 100 per day in PPF, get Rs 25 lakh at the time of retirement; Check details here

This scheme not only gives the benefits of saving income tax but also guarantees a fixed amount at the time of retirement. This scheme is both for employed and self-employed people. Let's have a look at each and every aspect of this scheme from the investment angle.

Public Provident Fund: Invest Rs 100 per day in PPF, get Rs 25 lakh at the time of retirement; Check details here

New Delhi: Most people look for the best financial investment for an economically safe and secure future. They also try to invest in the platform from where they can get maximise and secure returns. Following the thinking trend of people, there are dozens of schemes to invest in, but Public Provident Fund is still considered the best option.

Despite the low-interest rate, PPF has many benefits. If you deposit money in this scheme, the investment is happening and tax is also being saved. It can be availed by both Employed and Self Employed people. The government guarantees the security in this savings scheme and the returns are also guaranteed. At present, the interest of 7.1 percent is available on PPF. (Also Read: Mutual Fund: Here’s how you can convert SIP of Rs 10,000 into Rs 12 lakh in 5 years)

The interest income on maturity and the maturity amount is completely tax-free here. In other schemes, returns are definitely higher in mutual funds, but up to 20 percent long-term capital gains tax is levied. (Also Read: National Pension Scheme: Want to get Rs 50K per month after retirement? Do THIS)

Let's have a look at every aspect of this scheme from the investment angle. 

Equity Mutual Fund

Recently a Financial Freedom Survey came. Accordingly, equity mutual funds are the first choice for retirement. This is followed by the Employee Provident Fund and then the Public Provident Fund. PPF gives very good returns in the long term. If you are also planning for your retirement, start depositing money in this scheme from today, the retirement fund will be huge.

Maturity period

The maturity period of PPF is 15 years. Even after that, it can be extended in an interval of 5-5 years.

Investment calculations

If you deposit 100 rupees daily, 36500 rupees will be deposited in a year. If you do this investment for 15 years and the interest rate remains constant at 7.1 percent, you will get a total of Rs 9.89 lakh. In 15 years your deposited capital will be Rs 547500.

Get a retirement fund of Rs 25 lakh in 25 years

You will get 25 lakh 8 thousand 284 rupees at the end of 25 years. During this, a total of Rs 912500 will be deposited from your side.

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