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border wall

Breaking bad? Donald Trump warns against drug cartels across border with Mexico

In yet another attempt to make a case for funds for a wall on the border with Mexico, Donald Trump says drug cartels in the neighbouring country are pumping in narcotics into the United States.

Apr 30, 2019, 07:58 AM IST

Pentagon authorises $1 billion for construction of Donald Trump's border wall

US President Donald Trump had declared a national emergency last month in a bid to fund his promised border wall without congressional approval.

Mar 26, 2019, 09:30 AM IST

Donald Trump budget will seek funds for border wall, Space Force

Trump's budget for the 2020 fiscal year will increase requests for some agencies while reducing others to reflect those priorities. 

Mar 09, 2019, 11:43 AM IST

Trump declares national emergency at US-Mexico border to get money for wall

"We're going to be signing, today, and registering a national emergency and it`s a great thing to do."

Feb 15, 2019, 21:32 PM IST

Donald Trump to travel to US-Mexico border on Thursday: White House

President Donald Trump plans to visit the US southern border on Thursday, leaving Washington for the first time since the partial federal shutdown began 16 days ago over his demand for funding for a wall along the border with Mexico.

Jan 07, 2019, 23:44 PM IST

Obamas have wall around their mansion, US too needs 'slightly larger' version: Donald Trump

Donald Trump wants $5 billion for a wall between US and Mexico. Democrats have agreed to $1.6 billion for overall border security.

Dec 31, 2018, 10:43 AM IST

In swift reversal, Donald Trump threatens government shutdown over border wall

A day after saying he does not like the idea of shutdowns, Donald Trump has said he won't hesitate from shutting US government if enough funding is not provided for border security.

Sep 06, 2018, 09:25 AM IST

Donald Trump signs proclamation sending National Guard to US-Mexico border

He promised a wall but for now, Donald Trump has decided to deploy National Guard because his administration 'has no choice but to act.'

Apr 05, 2018, 08:40 AM IST

Mexico will never pay for Donald Trump`s planned border wall: Mexican minister

Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published on Thursday that Mexico could pay for the wall.

Jan 12, 2018, 08:59 AM IST

Donald Trump says Mexico ''eventually'' will pay for border wall

A spokesman for the Mexican president`s office said President Enrique Pena Nieto has repeated that Mexico will not pay for the wall.

Apr 24, 2017, 08:23 AM IST

US agency delays start of bidding on Trump border wall

The US government on Wednesday delayed the call for bids from companies to help build the Trump administration's controversial wall on the Mexican border, saying the interest from contractors has been high.

Mar 16, 2017, 00:48 AM IST

Paying for Donald Trump`s border wall `not negotiable`: Mexico foreign minister

Holding true to his campaign promise, Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered US officials to begin to design and construct a wall along the 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) US-Mexico border.

Jan 27, 2017, 11:30 AM IST