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Cancer cells

End of Chemotherapy? Scientists discover 'Kill Code' in human cells to end cancer

A kill code in human cells can trigger the cancer erosion mechanism without having to use chemotherapy and without messing with the genome, say scientists.

Oct 30, 2018, 13:15 PM IST

Cancer overrides circadian clock to survive, says study

For tumours to grow and spread, cancer cells must make larger than normal amounts of nucleic acids and protein, so they can replicate themselves.

Jan 02, 2018, 14:16 PM IST

Cancer overrides body clock to survive: Study

Patients with breast, gastric or lung cancers survived longer when they had higher levels of Bmal1 protein.

Dec 31, 2017, 13:03 PM IST

Indian, Russian scientists craft gold nanostars to destroy cancer cells

Star-shaped nanoparticles appear to be the most efficient in photothermal therapy (PTT) that uses light radiation for the treatment of many medical conditions, including cancer.

Oct 18, 2017, 11:54 AM IST

New compound can make cancer cells commit suicide

Researchers say that this compound can be very useful for a country like India, which is seeing a growth in cancer cases.

Oct 10, 2017, 13:37 PM IST

Ancient plant-based ink could treat cancer

Scientists claim this ink used by Chinese calligraphers for hundreds of years could be significant in treating the deadly diseases.

Oct 02, 2017, 18:00 PM IST

Researchers identify new way to fight cancer

Researchers have found a way to target an enzyme that is crucial to tumour growth while also blocking the mechanism that has made past attempts to target that enzyme resistant to treatment.

Sep 21, 2017, 13:31 PM IST

New drug may treat blood cancer patients

Researchers analysed gene expression data from 269 AML patients and found an association between the activity of a group of HOX genes and the patient survival rate.

Aug 09, 2017, 20:06 PM IST

New drug may inhibit cancer cell growth

The team also found an LxxLL motif (a common sequence of amino acids) in the p85a protein, which acts as an intermediary between RXRa and PI3K.

Aug 06, 2017, 19:03 PM IST

Drug that re-programmes cells to fight cancer developed in Australia

The therapy involves removing a patient's own immune cells, genetically engineering them to enhance their ability to destroy tumours, and putting them back in the body to fight cancer.

Jul 20, 2017, 15:52 PM IST

Cancer cells can take 100 times the hit with a combination of vitamin C and antibiotics, says study!

The new combination approach prevents cancer cells from changing their diet (metabolically inflexible), and effectively starves them, by preventing them from using any other available types of bio-fuels.

Jun 13, 2017, 18:47 PM IST

Researchers find new potential target for cancer treatment

Researchers have discovered that cancer cells and normal cells use different 'gene switches' in order to regulate the expression of genes that control growth.

Jun 06, 2017, 23:40 PM IST

US researchers identify new way to slow down cancer development

On a closer look, the researchers found out how Tudor-SN is important in the "preparatory" phase of the cell cycle, the period when the cell gets ready to divide, according to the study.

May 30, 2017, 00:46 AM IST

Researchers create artificial designer viruses to help fight cancer

These designer viruses alert the immune system and cause it to send killer cells to help fight the tumour.

May 26, 2017, 21:34 PM IST

Researchers find antibody to kill cancer cells

The antibody can precisely target regulatory T cells which in turn unleash the immune system to kill cancer cells. 

May 21, 2017, 18:17 PM IST

Obesity can lead to 13 types of cancer, says study

A new study has found that obesity leads to 13 types of cancer inlcuding ​pancreas and esophagus, as fat cells affect the processes that regulate the growth of cancer cells in the human body

Apr 21, 2017, 00:29 AM IST

Is aspirin really a 'wonder drug'? Scientists at IIT-Madras say common headache drug could cure cancer

Now, a research team from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-Madras) has claimed that aspirin can help terminate cancer cells.

Apr 10, 2017, 10:53 AM IST

'Circular DNA key to evolution, drug resistance of cancer'

The researchers found that cancer-fueling genes, or oncogenes, are more likely to occur on ecDNA than on chromosomes.

Feb 14, 2017, 00:18 AM IST

Venetoclax: Wonder drug that 'melts' away cancer approved for human use in Australia

The drug, which was approved for use in the US in August 2016, works by blocking the action of the BCL-2 protein which enables cancer cells to survive, a solution that researchers worldwide have been studying for more than 30 years.

Jan 10, 2017, 10:44 AM IST

Depression may make people less responsive to cancer treatment, says study

A new study conducted by researchers states that depression can possibly make people less responsive to chemotherapy.

Dec 18, 2016, 22:20 PM IST