Central nervous system

Indian firm develops test to detect drug-resistant TB mutation

The breakthrough DNA test will enable a doctor to correctly prescribe the most effective drug to a TB patient without a time-consuming trial and error process.

Aug 09, 2019, 15:39 PM IST

Caffeine: Good or bad, how much per day?

Caffeine can increase wakefulness, improve focus and concentration as well as better general body coordination.

Jan 11, 2017, 16:25 PM IST

Multiple sclerosis: 15 warning signs you might have the condition

Although MS can occur in young children and older odults, the condition most commonly affects people between the ages of 20 and 50.

Jul 25, 2016, 09:57 AM IST

Not just pancreas, brain too regulates glucose metabolism

It can be applied to any circuit, including dispersed cells like those involved in the immune system.

Mar 25, 2016, 16:12 PM IST

Indian-origin scientist turns blood into nerve cells

Stem cell scientists led by Mick Bhatia from the McMaster University have successfully converted adult human blood cells into neural cells.

May 22, 2015, 13:23 PM IST

New device to block pain signals from reaching brain!

In a big relief to chronic pain sufferers, researchers have created a new device that can stop pain signals from reaching the brain.

May 11, 2015, 20:06 PM IST

Suven Life Sciences gets patents for neuro-degenerative drug

Pharmaceutical firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted a patent each by Eurasia and Israel for drug used in the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases.

Mar 09, 2015, 12:35 PM IST

Indian scientist awarded 1.5 million euros grant

A young Indian scientist based in Germany has been awarded a grant of 1.5 million euros to investigate the role of gut microbiota in autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Feb 24, 2015, 21:10 PM IST

Japan`s Otsuka to buy drugmaker Avanir for $3.5 bn

The acquisition is a push by Otsuka to accelerate its expansion in treating diseases that affect the central nervous system, the Japanese firm said.

Dec 02, 2014, 17:55 PM IST

Nervous system plays bigger role in infections

The nervous system may play a bigger role in infections and auto-immune diseases than previously known, says a study.

Nov 28, 2014, 14:20 PM IST

Encephalitis toll rises to 105 in West Bengal

With three more people dying due to Encephalitis since yesterday, the death toll in cases related to the mosquito-borne virus in the seven north Bengal districts rose to 105 today.

Jul 23, 2014, 19:58 PM IST

Genetic therapy may repair spinal chord: Study

Damage to the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, is currently irreparable. But this may change soon as researchers have now discovered that genetic and chemical treatment could help regenerate damaged nerves.

Apr 16, 2014, 21:41 PM IST

Aus researchers develop medical tool for multiple sclerosis

Australian researchers are working on a clinical trial aimed at improving the lives of those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Apr 07, 2014, 13:37 PM IST

`Inclusive` cutlery to help Parkinson`s patients

People suffering from Parkinson`s disease often feel embarrassed about eating at social luncheons or dinners as their hands tremble. The result is terrible isolation.

Mar 09, 2014, 18:30 PM IST

Slow reaction time in midlife increases risk of dying early

A new research has revealed that having a slow reaction time in midlife increases risk of dying 15 years later.

Jan 30, 2014, 14:19 PM IST

Breast cancer drug toxic to brain cells and central nervous system

Researchers have revealed that the breast cancer drug tamoxifen is toxic to cells of the brain and central nervous system, and produces mental fogginess similar to "chemo brain."

Sep 23, 2013, 14:28 PM IST