Poor grades? Blame your genes: Scientists

Around two-thirds of individual differences in academic achievement can be explained by comparing genes, scientists said.

Sep 06, 2018, 12:30 PM IST

Gene discovery may help 'turn off' nightmares: Scientists

The two receptors play a key role in REM sleep opens the way to studying its underlying cellular, molecular mechanisms and will eventually allow us to define the state of REM sleep, which has been paradoxical and mysterious since its original report," said Hiroki Ueda who led the study.

Aug 29, 2018, 15:42 PM IST

Gene therapy for blood disorder may be effective

Gene therapy for patients with a severe form of the blood disorder beta-thalassemia could be safe and effective as well as end the need for transfusions, results from the clinical trials show.

Apr 19, 2018, 16:12 PM IST

Researchers find gene that may prevent wheat epidemic in India

The discovery could help breeders more quickly develop varieties that can resist the deadly pathogens and halt a worldwide wheat epidemic, according to the study.

Nov 17, 2017, 12:28 PM IST

This new gene therapy via skin can help treat diabetes, obesity

Researchers from the University of Chicago, using CRISPR, have edited the skin stem cells from newborn mice which prompted the cells to secrete glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP1).

Aug 04, 2017, 19:04 PM IST

75 per cent of human gene is junk DNA: Study

Researchers from the the University of Houston in the US found that the functional portion of the human genome probably falls between 10 per cent and 15 per cent, with an upper limit of 25 per cent.

Jul 16, 2017, 18:20 PM IST

Gene that plays key role in depression identified

Globally, depression affects over 300 million people annually. Nearly 800,000 die from suicide every year - it is the second-leading cause of death among people between the ages of 15 to 29, researchers said.

Jul 07, 2017, 14:34 PM IST

Gene causing arthritis may have helped humans survive Ice Age: Study

The study showed that mutations in the gene called GDF5 resulted in shorter bones that led to a compact body structure while reducing the risk of bone fracture from falling.

Jul 04, 2017, 23:04 PM IST

Gene, air pollution together spike autism risk

Genetic factors like copy-number variation -- deletions and duplications of repeated DNA -- also lead to the development of autism. 

Jun 27, 2017, 10:59 AM IST

Gene find could lead to treatment for memory loss

A study at the Peter O`Donnell Jr. Brain Institute includes the results of a new strategy to identify genes that underlie specific brain processes. This strategy may eventually help scientists develop treatments for patients with memory impairments.

Jun 01, 2017, 14:30 PM IST

Gene that prevents heart disease found in Greeks villagers

The cardioprotective variant, rs145556679, was found in the people living in Mylopotamos, northern Crete.

May 28, 2017, 00:16 AM IST

Gene mutation may speed up memory loss in Alzheimer's patients

According to researchers, people with Alzheimer's risk, who have the gene mutation called the BDNF Val66Met allele, or the Met allele may have a more rapid decline of memory and thinking skills.

May 05, 2017, 00:37 AM IST

This is the reason why you are craving for sweets!

Scientists have previously shown that hormone growth factor 21 (FGF21) reduces sweets consumption in rodents and primates.

May 03, 2017, 23:29 PM IST

Gene which makes you a 'night owl' identified

People with the "night owl" variant of this gene have a longer circadian cycle than most, making them stay awake later

Apr 07, 2017, 17:05 PM IST

This new gene offers hope for Alzheimer's disease

 A new gene has been discovered by a team of researchers that is associated with Tau accumulation, which is one of the defining features of Alzheimer disease (AD).

Mar 26, 2017, 00:28 AM IST

Researchers identify gene linked to human cleft lip and palate

Researchers have identified a gene that may cause cleft lip and palate in humans.

Mar 23, 2017, 00:23 AM IST

Gene mutation linked to unexplained female infertility

Researchers, led by an Indian-origin scientists, have identified a gene mutation that may cause low reproductive success and fertility in women.

Mar 22, 2017, 23:32 PM IST

Scientists identify gene linked to brain ageing

US researchers have identified a common genetic variant that causes normal brain ageing in older people by up to 12 years.

Mar 17, 2017, 00:13 AM IST

Gene that causes sudden death in youngsters identified

The gene, called CDH2, causes arrhythmogenic right ventricle cardiomyopathy (ARVC), which is a genetic disorder that predisposes patients to cardiac arrest and is a major cause of unexpected death in seemingly healthy young people.

Mar 10, 2017, 15:40 PM IST

Gene that plays a very important role in making humans obese identified

A new study has identified a gene that could play a very important role in making humans obese or lean.

Feb 22, 2017, 23:37 PM IST