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Alzheimer's disease

Liver disease drug may help treat Alzheimer's: Study

"We also found that the drug, which is already in clinical use for liver disease, acts by changing the shape of the batteries which could tell us more about how other drugs can be beneficial in Alzheimer's," said Mortiboys, a senior researcher.

Sep 03, 2018, 13:09 PM IST

Imbalance in pH levels may cause Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease that affects 50 million people worldwide has no cure or no drugs.

Aug 04, 2018, 10:40 AM IST

Brain injury in teenagers may up Alzheimer's risk: Lancet

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBT) in your 20s may increase the risk of developing dementia including Alzheimer's in your 50s by 60 per cent, a review of nearly three million patients has revealed.

Apr 11, 2018, 17:31 PM IST

Long-term consumption of coffee may worsen Alzheimer's symptoms: Study

Long-term consumption of coffee can worsen the neuropsychiatric symptoms in those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, scientists claim.

Apr 04, 2018, 18:21 PM IST

This prosthetic system could restore memory loss

Scientists have demonstrated the successful implementation of a prosthetic system that uses a person's own memory patterns to facilitate the brain's ability to encode and recall memory, an important step towards finding a way to restore memory loss.

Mar 28, 2018, 15:45 PM IST

Compound in beetroot may help treat Alzheimer's

A new study has revealed that a compound found in beetroot that gives its distinctive red colour ould help in treating Alzheimer's disease.

Mar 22, 2018, 10:50 AM IST

Exercise may lower Alzheimer's risk

The study suggests that the lower the fitness level, the faster the deterioration of vital nerve fibres in the brain.

Feb 15, 2018, 18:34 PM IST

Aerobic exercises may boost cognitive skills, delay Alzheimer's

The WHO also suggested older adults perform muscle-strengthening exercises on at least two or more days a week.

Jan 27, 2018, 16:19 PM IST

Anxiety - An early indicator of Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative condition that causes the decline of cognitive function and the inability to carry out daily life activities.

Jan 13, 2018, 14:38 PM IST

Boost for Alzheimer's treatment through diabetes drug?

This is the first time that a triple receptor drug has been used which acts in multiple ways to protect the brain from degeneration.

Jan 01, 2018, 12:32 PM IST

Lack of sleep boosts levels of Alzheimer's proteins: Study

Levels of the protein rise, potentially setting off a sequence of changes to the brain that can end with dementia, researchers said.

Dec 30, 2017, 14:44 PM IST

Highly educated people less likely to develop Alzheimer's, says study

A study claims that highly educated people are less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

Dec 08, 2017, 17:55 PM IST

New hope for Alzheimer's patients? Scientists find potential treatment

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disease which normally starts gradually but worsens overtime. It accounts for 60% to 70% of dementia cases.

Dec 06, 2017, 20:17 PM IST

Psychoactive drug use may up death risk in Alzheimer's patients

The study, led by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, found that the risk of death was increased right from the initiation of benzodiazepine and related drug use.

Nov 22, 2017, 19:27 PM IST

Acid reflux drugs safe, not linked to dementia

Drugs like Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid -- called proton pump inhibitors (PPI) are among the most prescribed drugs to treat a wide range of disorders, including gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Nov 22, 2017, 19:15 PM IST

MIND diet may lower risk of Alzheimer's by 53%

A Mediterranean-style diet, called MIND, may lower your risk of developing cognitive impairment.

Nov 20, 2017, 19:24 PM IST

Bill Gates makes 100 million investment to eliminate Alzheimer's

With rapidly rising numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, the disease is taking a growing emotional and financial toll as people live longer, Gates told Reuters in an interview.

Nov 13, 2017, 18:39 PM IST

This is how youngsters can help elderly fight Alzheimer's

There were also some signs suggesting improvements in participants` conditions.Principal investigator Sharon Sha noted that the finding of safety wasn`t surprising, given that blood-plasma infusions have long been in widespread use for other indications and are considered extremely safe.

Nov 05, 2017, 12:55 PM IST

Alzheimer's may vanish by drinking this 'miracle mix'

The drink, called Souvenaid is aimed at treating the root cause of Alzheimer's, which is the loss of brain synapses. 

Oct 31, 2017, 15:40 PM IST

Signs of 'full-blown' Alzheimer's Disease discovered in dolphins for the first time

In the study, an international team of researchers examined the bodies of dolphins who had died after washing ashore on the Spanish coast.

Oct 25, 2017, 18:48 PM IST