General Bipin Rawat

India observes first anniversary of National War Memorial, CDS General Bipin Rawat pays tribute to martyrs of Armed Forces

A wreath-laying ceremony by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat along with veterans from the three services was organised on Monday. 

Feb 25, 2020, 15:55 PM IST

Air Defence Command to be rolled out by beginning of 2021, says CDS General Bipin Rawat

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said that it is likely that there will be a separate Jammu and Kashmir theatre but the shape would be finalised later.

Feb 17, 2020, 13:29 PM IST

Defence Budget 2020: Balanced modernisation of three services will be my priority, says General Bipin Rawat

The Central government has allotted a total Rs 30,42,230 crore for defence which is a hike by 6 percent from the previous year's budget amounting to Rs 3.19 lakh crore. The total defence budget accounts for 15.49 per cent of the total central government expenditure for the year 2020-21. 

Feb 02, 2020, 17:22 PM IST

DAC clears short-listing of Indian firms for Navy's Rs 50,000 crore P-75I submarine project

The six diesel-electric P-75I submarines for the Indian Navy will have advanced air-independent propulsion systems. They will be able to fire vertical launched BrahMos supersonic cruise missile against the sea and land-based targets as well as carry tube-launched torpedoes to take on enemy submarines.

Jan 21, 2020, 19:43 PM IST

Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat proposes plan to create Air Defence Command

On Wednesday, General Rawat held a meeting with important functionaries of Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff (Hq IDS). General Rawat had directed various branch heads to come up with recommendations for inter-service synergy and jointness in a time-bound manner.

Jan 02, 2020, 19:05 PM IST

IAF chief Bhadauria welcomes creation of post of CDS, calls it a bold step

IAF chief RKS Bhadauria expressed confidence that the creation of the post of the CDS will help in all the efforts that are needed to bring in the proper coordination between Indian Army, IAF and Indian Navy.

Jan 02, 2020, 08:35 AM IST

Indian armed forces stay far away from politics, asserts CDS General Bipin Rawat

Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat said his immediate task is to bring uniformity in procurement procedures of Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

Jan 01, 2020, 10:35 AM IST

Centre creates new Department of Military Affairs, to be headed by Chief of Defence Staff General Rawat

General Bipin Rawat was named India's first CDS on Monday (December 30) just a day before he was to retire from service after completing a full three-year term as the Chief of Army Staff. 

Dec 31, 2019, 13:42 PM IST

General Bipin Rawat appointed as the first Chief of Defence Staff

In his Independence Day speech on August 15, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the creation of the post of Chief of Defence Staff. 

Dec 30, 2019, 22:32 PM IST

Indian armed forces extremely secular, have utmost respect for human rights laws: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

The driving ethos of the Indian armed forces is “Insaniyat”( Humanity) and “Sharafat”( Decency). They are extremely secular. The challenge is the changing warfare tactics with the advent of technology," said Rawat.

Dec 27, 2019, 17:11 PM IST

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat slams violence during anti-CAA protests, says 'this is not leadership'

Army Chief General Rawat said that students in several universities and colleges are leading masses and crowds to carry out arson and violence in the name of anti-CAA protests and this is not leadership.

Dec 26, 2019, 12:37 PM IST

We will win future wars with Indian systems, asserts Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

The Army Chief said, "I dare say, a necessity I think is no longer the need for invention. It is innovations and inventions that are gradually driving the doctrines and concepts and this is particularly more relevant to the Indian Army." 

Dec 23, 2019, 23:46 PM IST

India, China managed boundary issues post-Wuhan summit: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday said that India and China have managed the challenges along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) under strategic guidance from highest levels after the Wuhan Summit.

Dec 20, 2019, 21:56 PM IST

Tension at LoC can escalate anytime, warns Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday warned that situation at LoC can deteriorate anytime, asking the soldiers to remain on high alert to face any kind of situation.

Dec 18, 2019, 18:54 PM IST

Army chief General Bipin Rawat emphasises on need to reorganise military resources

Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Saturday emphasized on the need to re-organise and deploy military resources in order to use defence budget in a fruitful manner.

Dec 15, 2019, 07:19 AM IST

Swaroop Singh Kuntal awarded Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

Ultraman consists of 10 km swimming, 424 km cycling and 84 km running, was organised by Delhi International Triathlon from November 23-25 in Delhi- Gurgaon.

Dec 14, 2019, 22:14 PM IST

Badhir News: Special show for hearing impaired, 3rd December 2019

This is a special segment for hearing impaired which brings to you latest updates of the afternoon. Watch this video to know the latest news stories of the day.

Dec 03, 2019, 20:20 PM IST

Indian Army always in favour of disability pension: General Bipin Rawat

General Bipin Rawat assured that the Army will take care of personnel who fall in “war-wounded battle casualties”. “Such things happen to many who become physical casualties. Indian Army will take care of these people,” the Army Chief said.

Nov 21, 2019, 09:22 AM IST

PoK is actually a terrorist controlled part of Pakistan: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat

General Rawat also asserted that Jammu & Kashmir includes the entire PoK and Gilgit Baltistan. Therefore, PoK and Gilgit Baltistan become an occupied territory, a territory which has been illegally occupied by our western neighbour.

Oct 25, 2019, 18:49 PM IST