Traffic rule

Gurugram man on scooter fined Rs 23,000 in one go under new traffic rules

The scooter is said to be worth Rs 25,000, just two thousand more than the fine Dinesh Madan has to now pay.

Sep 03, 2019, 16:02 PM IST

Nearly 4,000 challans in Delhi on Day 1 of new traffic norms

Traffic offenders in Delhi had to pay hefty fines for violating road rules with 3,900 challans issued in the city between Saturday midnight and Sunday evening- the first day of amended provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act coming into effect.

Sep 01, 2019, 19:53 PM IST

Cannot implement new traffic rules without public awareness: Madhya Pradesh minister

Madhya Pradesh minister Sharma said that the Centre has made a steep hike in fine for violating traffic rules and the state government will implement the Act only after discussions.

Sep 01, 2019, 10:40 AM IST

Govt readies new traffic law for road safety

In view of India being one of the countries with highest road fatalities in the world, Government has readied new traffic law for road safety.

Sep 15, 2014, 11:22 AM IST