Yemen war

Saudi Arabia transferred American-made weapons to militants in Yemen

Arms markets are illegal in Yemen, but they still operate openly in the mountainous city of Hodeidah located in the country`s southwest.

Feb 05, 2019, 10:13 AM IST

Senate, House lawmakers to reintroduce resolution to end US role in Yemen war

Yemen has been gripped by a civil war with the government headed by Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi fighting the rebel Houthi movement.

Jan 30, 2019, 11:45 AM IST

United Nations delivers food for 9.5 million in Yemen last month, shy of target

UN-brokered peace negotiations between the Saudi-backed Yemen government and the Houthis held in Stockholm last month yielded a shaky ceasefire deal in the lifeline port city of Hodeidah.

Jan 15, 2019, 18:08 PM IST

US ends refuelling support in Yemen war as pressure builds on Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and the United States have agreed to end US refuelling of aircraft from the Saudi-led coalition battling Houthi insurgents in Yemen, halting a divisive aspect of US support to a war that has pushed Yemen to the brink of famine.

Nov 10, 2018, 17:48 PM IST

Yemen war claimed lives of 1,400 children, injured hundreds: United Nation

Nearly 1,400 children have been killed, hundreds more injured and many schools closed by the war in Yemen, the UN children`s fund said on Wednesday.

Jan 11, 2017, 17:36 PM IST

UN seeks to persuade Yemen`s Huthis to attend talks

 A UN envoy told the Security Council on Wednesday that Yemen`s government will attend peace talks in Geneva but the Huthi rebels have yet to confirm their participation, diplomats said.

Jun 04, 2015, 00:26 AM IST

UN pushes for renewed Yemen humanitarian pause

The UN Security Council on Tuesday backed a call by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for a new humanitarian pause to fighting in Yemen, saying peace talks should be held as soon as possible.

Jun 03, 2015, 04:48 AM IST

Iran, Oman discuss Yemen war, settle maritime borders

Iran`s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif discussed how to advance Yemeni peace efforts with his Omani counterpart on Tuesday, Iranian media reported, on a visit to a country that has often played a conciliatory role in Gulf conflicts.

May 26, 2015, 22:05 PM IST