VI Launches eSIM For New Delhi Prepaid Users: Here's How To Activate, List Of Devices That Support It & More

Here's how to activate eSIM and the list of devices that support the same.

VI Launches eSIM For New Delhi Prepaid Users: Here's How To Activate, List Of Devices That Support It & More File Photo

New Delhi: After Mumbai and Goa, the national capital i.e. New Delhi becomes the third city to get the facility of eSIM. In places like Mumbai and Goa, the choice is already there. Vodafone Idea has finally launched the eSIM for prepaid customers. Now, the consumers have the option to get a digital SIM card.

No Need For Physical SIM Card

You don't need a physical SIM card because your phone has an eSIM, which is a digital SIM card. (Also Read: IT Dept, Banks To Open On Sunday, March 31: What About Stock Market? Check Here)

How To Activate eSIM?

There's no need to visit a store to activate it. You can do it via the settings on your phone or by scanning a code. (Also Read: Instagram Down: Check Funniest Memes For Social Media App's Outage)

Benefits Of eSIM

It is convenient for traveling since it allows you to quickly switch between different network plans and keep many profiles at once. It is also not as prone to damage or loss as a physical SIM card. It also benefits the environment because less plastic garbage is produced.

Comparing eSIMs to traditional SIM cards, they are often more convenient, flexible, and environmentally friendly.

Steps To Activate eSIM

If you want to make the switch, send a message to 199 with the registered mail id.

- You will receive a confirmation message

- Revert to it within 15 minutes

- You may get a call for consent

- You will get a QR code on the registered email ID

- Keep note that the QR code you received by mail will be valid for up to 7 days.

- Choose the default line for this number

- Now, your eSIM will be activated.

List Of Devices That Support eSIM

Now, this is another question that may hit your mind which are the devices that support eSIM. While writing the article, reports suggest that not every smartphone will be eSIM compatible.

Numerous phone models enable the eSIM capability. Some of them are iPhones, Vivo X90 Pro, Galaxy Z Flip & Fold, and many more.