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Yoga knows no religion: Muslim women in Rampur participate in special classes

Yoga is being widely recognised as one of the best form of lifestyle exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Yoga knows no religion: Muslim women in Rampur participate in special classes
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Lucknow: Widely regarded as one of the best forms of lifestyle exercises to not just stay fit but also keep medical ailments at bay, Yoga has been gaining acceptance worldwide and is also becoming increasingly popular in India. One of the best examples of this is a Yoga centre which opened in Uttar Pradesh's Rampur for Muslim women.

Shunning fatwas issued by a few against Yoga, several Muslim women in Rampur have embraced it and are regularly taking part in classes held by Gulshan Welfare Society.

While the classes are only for women, there is no religion-based exclusivity here. That said, most of the women coming in to learn Yoga belong to the Muslim community. All of them say that they decided to give Yoga a try to stay physically fit and for good health.



Several of the women attending this class have had past history of pain in their knees and waist. They spend time targeting their problem areas and say they have already begun experiencing the benefit of Yoga.

Members of Muslim community doing Yoga has made headlines for the wrong reasons in the past. 

Last year,  Rafia Naaz - a Muslim girl who teaches Yoga in Jharkhand's Ranchi - faced the ire of her community members. Her home was pelted with stones, prompting many prominent figures to come out in her defence and appealing not to link Yoga with any religion.