Abandoned by his children, 89-year-old man finds solace in nude modelling

"There is no shame in what I do. I don't rob. I don't steal. My children never come but that is fine."

Abandoned by his children, 89-year-old man finds solace in nude modelling
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The pain of not having children around and them not even bothering to care perhaps can be most felt by Wang Suzhong - an 89-year-old so lonely that he began posing as a nude model for financial sustenance and to have something to do daily. Now, he says modelling without clothes is what may have saved him from the clutches of loneliness-induced despair.

A report published in South China Morning Post highlights how Suzhong's wife passed away 20 years ago, leaving him alone since his children took off and have since never bothered to have any contact. The elderly Chinese man is quoted as saying that while he holds no grudges, he did feel extremely lonely and that is when nude modelling came to his rescue. "I was a tailor but once I retired, I had a bit of financial problem. Not having children did not help matters and it is then that I took to body art," he says. "I really feel no shame in it. I don't steal or rob. What I do is just an art form. It makes me feel less lonely and helps me financially."

As for his children, Suzhong says that he harbours no ill feelings. "I don't care that my children don't support me. They just don't come. They don't treat me like I am their father. It is fine. They will have their turn to feel lonely when they are old," he says.

For Suzhong then, life has become a whole lot brighter even though there are reasons for gloom. Just that he doesn't let gloom overshadow the positivities. "I always thought I would live up to my fifties. (But) I keep living longer and longer."