Winter Driving Tips: Here's How To Keep Safe During Cold Drives Amid Fog Woes

Does driving in foggy situations in winter seem challenging to you? Read on out 10 driving tips to help yourself improve your driving game.

Winter Driving Tips: Here's How To Keep Safe During Cold Drives Amid Fog Woes

As winter sets in, Delhi and other cities of northern India experience its characteristic foggy weather. Driving conditions with low or rather say zero-visibility, become challenging and hazardous. Navigating through such situations requires caution, preparedness, patience, and adherence to safety guidelines. The fog often posses serious challenges to road users, and huge pile-ups of cars are reported at various expressways and highways in the region. But there are ways to keep yourself and other road users safe while driving in such a scenario. So, here we’ll talk about winter driving tips to ensure a safe journey amidst the foggy conditions that often grip the National Capital Region.

Use Fog Lamps

Modern-day vehicles are equipped with fog lamps, specifically designed for usage in foggy conditions. Mounted on the lower portion of the front and rear bumpers, fog lamps offer better visibility in foggy conditions of the surroundings.

Keep Headlamps On

Keeping headlamps switched on benefits in more than one way. Firstly, the headlamps will offer some visibility by cutting through the fog to some extent. Avoid using white LED headlamps and high beams. As in both of these cases, light gets scattered. Also, with headlamps on, tail lamps too get switched on, working as a guiding light for vehicles behind you.

Maintain Safe Distance

Reaction time increases with a reduction in visibility. Thus it is advised to keep a safe distance from cars moving in front of you. Also, trying to follow tail lamps of vehicles in front to understand the way forward and keep a safe distance between them and yourself.

Drive At A Controlled Speed

Avoid driving fast in foggy conditions. While your travelling time might slightly increase, it will aid you with more time to change direction or make manoeuvres to avoid any hazard.

Activate Wipers & Defrosters

Make sure your windshield wipers are working well and use them to keep your view clear. Also, turn on the defrosters to avoid fogging on the inside of the windshield.

Avoid Sudden Manoeuvres

Avoid making sudden lane changes or driving aggressively in foggy conditions. Signal well ahead of time and execute gradual manoeuvres to minimise the risk of accidents.

Keep Track Of Road Markings

Be attentive to road markings, ensuring you stay within your lane. These visual cues are essential in low-visibility situations and play a crucial role in safely navigating the road.

Plan Your Route

Get acquainted with the route you intend to take, and if feasible, opt for main roads that are likely to be well-lit and better maintained in foggy weather.

Stay Updated On Weather Conditions

Monitor weather forecasts attentively, particularly throughout the winter months. Stay updated on foggy conditions and plan your trips accordingly. If feasible, choose to travel during daylight hours when visibility typically improves.

Emergency Kit Preparedness

Ensure you always have an emergency kit in your vehicle, including essentials such as a flashlight, first aid supplies, and a fully charged mobile phone. These items can be invaluable in case of an emergency.