Empty sky over China amidst rumours of coup; over 9,000 flights cancelled over unknown REASON

There have been reports of mass cancellations of flights in China affecting multiple airports across the country, but the reason for these mass cancellations in not known yet.

Empty sky over China amidst rumours of coup; over 9,000 flights cancelled over unknown REASON Image for representation

China has started mass cancellations of flights, based on reports from state media. However, the reason for the flight cancellation is unclear. Based on the report of The Epoch Times, Flight Master said that 9,583 flights were cancelled nationwide on September 21. The flights cancelled were 59.66 percent of the total scheduled flights on the day. It is to be noted that Flight Master serves as a source of information on flight, ticketing, and travel services in the country. Moreover, the reports said that some of the air transport hubs in China had a cancellation report of over 50 percent.

The reports of The Epoch Times said Beijing Capital International Airport cancelled 622 flights, resulting in a 60% cancellation rate. In addition, 652 flights were cancelled at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, with a 54 percent cancellation rate. Similarly, 542 flights at Shenzhen Baoan Airport were cancelled, accounting for 51% of total flights.

Three of the Chinese airports, namely Guiyang Longdongbao, Lhasa Gongga, and Chengdu Tianfu, had a high cancellation rate in Western provinces. Guiyang Longdongbao had 539 flights cancelled, with a 99 percent cancellation rate. While at Lhasa Gongga 157 flights were cancelled, with a 98 percent cancellation rate. Similarly, 752 flights were cancelled at Chengdu Tianfu airport, for an 87 percent cancellation rate. Similar cancellations were noticed at other airports in the country.

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On the website of China's top aviation body, there is no official explanation. However, Netease, a major Chinese news portal, reported yesterday that the cancellations were primarily due to recent COVID-19 flare-ups in multiple Chinese provinces.