15 unique names for baby boys and girls born on 15 August Independence Day and their special meaning

Baby names for kids born on August 15: If you are an Indian and your child is born on August 15, it's an extra special occasion as your child will share their birthday with India's Independence Day. So what better than choosing a name for your child which means freedom and being independent - something that you will surely want for your child.

Baby names which mean freedom: August 15 is a momentous day in the life of every Indian. On this day in 1947, India secured its freedom after a 200-year British rule. The day fills us with fervour and patriotism and eggs us to be independent and pursue freedom. For Indian parents whose children are born on August 15, choosing a name for their child often has this added motivation - the inspiring sense of patriotism. What better to choose a name for your child that means freedom? It will commemorate the special day in every way possible.

Here are 15 names of baby boys and girls that means freedom or independence. Those whose children are born on August 15, can choose one of these names.

Anaya: A baby girl's name with a Sanskrit moniker that means being completely free.

Avasa: Another Indian name for baby girls which means independent.

Arthika: It's a name that stands for a freedom-loving girl.

Aazaad: The baby boy's name means free or independent. It is also Turkish for independence.

Elira: A name of Albanian origin, it means "to be free," or "freedom".

Isra: A very popular Turkish name, it again means "free." 

Karla: The name means a "free woman", and is of German origin.

Lirim: The beautiful name means the "freedom to be". It is of Albanian origin.

Malaya: Another beautiful name, it stands for "freedom" in Filipino.

Moksh: Moksh in Sanskrit means freedom from the cycle of life and death; it's the highest state of being.

Najya: Name your little girl this, it means independence. It's of Arabic origin.

Swaraj: This Hindu name can be given to your baby boy which means liberty or freedom.

Swatantra: This is a baby boy who is free. He is not controlled or limited by rules or custom or by other people.

Taran: Another Hindu name, this means freedom from bondage.

Yung: A Japanese name, it means independence.

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