Friendship Day 2019: 10 Unique gift ideas for your friends!

Here are 10 gift ideas that might help you while selecting the perfect Friendship Day gift is being celebrated on August 4.

Friendship Day 2019: 10 Unique gift ideas for your friends! Representational Image from Pixabay

Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. This year, the date happens to be 4th, which is today. Many people are busy planning their perfect day out with buddies while some with to make it extra special by showers gifts on their friends. All of us have our own, different ways of letting our friends know just how much they mean to us. After all, the beauty of friendship is hard to put in words and even harder to express. 

Here are some last-minute gift ideas that might help you while selecting the perfect Friendship Day gift:

Say how much they mean to you with 'A Poem'

Nothing can bring out the beauty of your friendship better than a heartfelt poem. Here's one such poem that you can gift your friend in the form of a scroll and watch his/her face light up!

“I have your back and you got mine,

A friend like you is hard to find,

You're the person I go to when life gets hard,

You pull me out of miseries, heal my scars.

You're the one I seek when I need a solution,

You have a way out of almost every confusion.

You're the ray of hope when it gets dark,

Like the last surviving son of Stark,

It has always been a pleasure to spend time with you,

My partner in crime, words to define you are few.

Let's just say we make up a great pair,

A very Happy Friendship Day, my dear!”

Treat their taste buds with Home- Made Oreo Cake (simple, in under 10 mins)

Is your friend a big foodie? Gift him/her an Oreo cake made by you and we're sure it'll be the best gift ever! All you need is take some Oreo biscuits (about 2 Big packets) and one cup milk. Blend these two together in a blender or a mixer grinder then pour the batter on to a greased, microwave proof bowl. Put the cake in a microwave for almost 6 minutes and bingo! Your cake is ready. Decorate it with gems and some chocolate syrup if you like.

Help them binge-watch with Netflix

If you two Netflix and chill a lot, and if your friend is a serious TV watcher, what could be better than a free subscription? Gift your friend a free Netflix subscription and we guarantee he/she will love you forever! You might want to hurry up though, the best of shows are already streaming!

Help them get the best of things via Shopping Vouchers

This one is especially for all the girls out there. Not that guys can't shop, they do of course, but it's a fact that women are more prone to shopping. So gift your girl- friend with free shopping vouchers and watch her happier than ever before!

A Pet is the best way to say 'you mean a lot to me'

If you friend stays with his/her family, you might want to get confirmation from her/his parents first. Once done, a pet would be the perfect gift if your friend is an animal lover. Cat, Dog, or even a bird! Anything will spread smiles and love.

A Letter inside a photo frame is cute!

While a picture of you and your friend inside a photo frame is quite common, we decided to give this idea a twist. How about a letter inside a fancy photo frame? Sounds cool, right? Go on and start writing down your thoughts in a beautiful handwriting on a plain piece of paper. You can write about some of your best memories - what you like the most in your friend, some inside jokes and so on. Once the letter is ready, buy the perfect photo frame and combine the two.

A Friendship Day video montage will make them smile

If you know a bit of video editing, this is the most trending yet unique gift for your friends. Make a video montage of some of your best pictures or videos, add in some special effects, music and voila! Another perfect gift for your friend is all set. You can also use the poem given at the top in your video.

Remind them of the best moments with a Photo Collage

Camera clicked, developed photos will be the best pick. You can also use printouts of some of your pictures together. Take a big chart paper and arrange all the photos in the form of a collage. You can write a few quotes on friendship too.

Huge supply of coffee for your caffeine addict friend!

If your friend is a coffee lover, there's no better gift than a big bag of coffee for her.him. Pick out some of her.his favourite coffee brands and gift her/him a big pouch of each brand. Combine these together in a huge bag and we're sure they won't be able to thank you enough.

Nothing better than X-Box/ Play Station Game DVD's for the gamers

Got a gamer friend? Make her/his dreams come true by gifting her the X- Box DVD that he/she always wanted. Nothing is more precious to a gamer than gaming DVDs.

Now that we've given the ideas, get started and put them to use!