Partial Solar Eclipse 2019: Do's and Don'ts during the Aanshik Surya Grahan

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Partial Solar Eclipse 2019: Do's and Don'ts during the Aanshik Surya Grahan

New Delhi: The world is all set to witness the first partial solar eclipse of the year. The eclipse would take place on January 6, 2019.During a partial solar eclipse, a part of the Sun gets obscured by the Moon unlike in total solar eclipse where the Sun is fully obscured. Even though the partial solar eclipse will not be visible in India, skywatchers can witness the celestial experience on NASA Twitter handle, website as well as YouTube where it will be live streamed.

There are various myths associated with eclipses in India. Some of the do's and don'ts during the Aanshik Surya Grahan are as follows:


It is believed that one must stay indoors

Darbha grass or Tusli leaves are put in eatables and water to prevent the ill effects of the grahan.

Many believe in taking a bath after the eclipse and changing in new clothes

Chanting of mantras dedicated to Surya Devta (Sun God) is another practice followed by many

Pregnant women are asked to stay indoors and chant the Santana Gopala Mantra.


Chanting of mantras, such as the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

Refrain from drinking water during the time period of eclipse.

Preparation of food or eating is prohibited during the grahan.

Commencing any auspicious task must be avoided

Date and Time

The partial solar eclipse will take place on January 6 at around 23:34:08 in UTC, which stands for Coordinated Universal Time. The phenomenon will last till 03:48:46 UTC. In India, it would start around 5 AM to 9:18 AM on January 6.

It would be visible in parts of Eastern Asia including Siberia, Mongolia, northeast China, Japan, and Korea. It will also be visible from North Pacific Ocean, as well as Alaska but not in India.

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