Weekly Tarot Card Readings 2023: Horoscope January 8 to January 14 for all zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope, Tarot Card Readings 2023: Read the Tarot Card predictions for all zodiac signs and plan your day ahead. 

Weekly Tarot Card Readings 2023: Horoscope January 8 to January 14 for all zodiac signs


Pay attention to your rapport with your colleagues, as someone might go against you and speak ill about you. Avoid petty office politics, stay focused on meeting your deadlines and targets, and don’t let anyone dominate you. Meanwhile, your family and partner will be supportive, and all your worries will fade away. You will get to spend some quality time with your partner. Children will perform well in their studies.


You will draw strength from your family and rely on your partner for advice on crucial matters. A legal dispute regarding an ancestral property may get resolved in your favour. At work, you will relish the sweet taste of success. Capitalise your strengths and work on your weakness. It is a favourable week for job seekers. Those in business are advised to take the leap of faith and move forward with their plans. 


The stars appear to be in your favour on the love, professional, and financial front. You will shine at the workplace and may get a promotion or appraisal. It is a favourable time to start a new business, or job or acquire property. Your love life will be calm and tranquil all week long. You may get a pleasant surprise from your partner. Your love and understanding will keep the family close and united. 


Your personal and professional goals may clash. You must prioritise and decide what holds more importance. Give attention to your physical and mental well-being. Staying at home and spending quiet time with family will be the best option. The unexpected good news about your career or profession will bring cheer. A raise or promotion in a job may come your way. Avoid taking shortcuts to achieve your professional goals. 


Those in a relationship will enjoy a blissful time with their partner. Be optimistic in love and ensure you reciprocate your partner’s feelings. What you give is what you’ll receive. You may get an opportunity to meet your old friends. However, a challenging situation awaits you on the professional front. Work pressure may increase, and you might not be able to finish your tasks on time. Avoid careless expenditures and tread carefully with finances. 


Virgos, this could be a difficult time for you. You might not be very good at expressing or understanding your partner’s feelings. Think before you speak and watch your words, so you don’t regret what you say. There could be some problems and difficulties relating to a younger family member. Avoid excessive eating and drinking to maintain good health. You may also face some work-related stress this week. Be careful with finances; unexpected loss of money or possessions is indicated. 


Love is in the air; harmony and bliss will be maintained at home. Any troubles in your relationship with your spouse will settle as you try to reconcile. Singles may be guided towards a new partner. At work, be cordial with coworkers or clients and do not over-commit. Luck will likely favour you in the financial or property deal you are negotiating. You will have the support of an influential person in your business.


You may face tough competition and challenges on the professional front; however, it will likely bring forth your fighting spirit and talent. Consider taking help from a financial advisor to plan your finances better. You will be close to your partner and family this week, but understanding and reciprocating your partner’s feelings would infuse love into the relationship. Those looking for love may come across an exciting opportunity.


You will have a time filled with excitement, passion and fun with your romantic partner. You may get an opportunity to meet your close friends. Do make time for family matters. Your dedication towards work will bring admiration and applause to you. No need to worry about finances this week as a new money-making opportunity will come your way, easing your financial worries. Speculative transactions are best avoided.


Your relationship will be emotionally fulfilling and affectionate. Be considerate, patient and compassionate towards those around you. Single may find a good match. You will be able to overcome problems in your domestic life. Your projects will gain momentum, and things will speed up. Your work will not be appreciated by relevant people but will also win you rewards. Professional collaboration or working with your partner on a venture will bring material gains.


Your relationship with your spouse will be profound and have a strong emotional effect on you. You will be sincere and devoted to your relationship. However, it could be a tough week in terms of finances and work scenarios. There could be some tension and pressure at the workplace. You may be chasing deadlines while coping with a lack of resources and support from coworkers. Your health might be a reason for concern this week. 


A week filled with pleasant surprises awaits you. There will be joy, happiness and excitement in your relationship with your spouse. You will hear happy news with regard to children. Any ongoing negotiations like contracts and financial dealings will go in your favour, and disputes will be resolved. You will benefit financially through business partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations. Do not be reckless with spending, and be wise with money.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant)

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