Know how Lohri is celebrated!

Read on to find out 5 things to do on Lohri.

Know how Lohri is celebrated!
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New Delhi: Lohri marks the beginning of harvest season and the end of bine-chilling winter. The festival is celebrated with great zeal in Punjab and other parts of North India. People eagerly look forward to this festival to spend quality time with their loved ones. Bollywood song like 'Lo Agayi Lohri Vey' from 'Veer-Zara' testifies the above mentioned point.

Newly married couples and new born kids become the center of attraction as they are blessed by the elders in the family. Tossing sesame seeds, popcorn, gajak, rewri, etc on the bonfire is a major highlight. Towards the end, people hail the ancient old phrase 'Aadar aye Dilather jaye' to welcome honour with open arms and drive away poverty.

Here are 5 things people do on Lohri:

1. Lohri day starts with children going in their neighbourhood from door-to-door demanding their Lohri share, in the form of eatables - rewri, gajak, popcorn, etc.

2. Then comes the major highlight of the festival where a bonfire is setup in an open area and people offer their prayers to lord 'Agni' by performing parikrama. People pray for good harvest and prosperity.

3. After worshipping lord 'Agni', people distribute prasad to their relatives and neighbours. Family and friends greet each other saying 'Lohri Mubarak'.

4. After the bonfire rituals, men and women come in groups to perform bhangra and gidda respectively.

5. How can any festival be complete without delicious food? On Lohri, staple punjabi food - makki di roti and sarson da saag are served for dinner.