Desi `Kill Bill` series with Neetu Chandra?

Mumbai: Actress Neetu Chandra was surrounded by rumours of her wedding to Randeep Hooda, but she is ready to strike back on screen, this time in a desi avatar of Uma Thurman`s role in ‘Kill Bill’.

The stunts would be on a par with what our Bollywood he-men do in action scenes, says producer Siddhartha Jain.

"Not like some actresses who did a few flips and somersaults and had everyone going wah-wah over their derring-do... Neetu will actually be performing all the stunts that are associated with the action genre," said Jain, who is working out the nitty-gritty of the series.

"She is as trained and equipped for the athletic stuff as Vidyut Jamwal who made such a terrific impact on `Force`," added Jain.

Neetu, a certified blackbelt holder in martial arts, will perform all stunts in the movie herself. She feels it`s time Bollywood gets its very own female action star.

"With due respect to my female colleagues like Deepika Padukone in `Chandni Chowk To China` or Priyanka Chopra in `Don`, who have thrashed around their limbs in so-called action scenes, I don`t think we`ve had a genuine female action star since (late) Fearless Nadia," said Neetu.

So the 27-year-old is ready to take on the action genre.

"I feel we`re ready for some female action. I`ve trained in the martial arts for 11 years. So far none of my roles has been action-oriented. Of late I had begun to get very restless. There`s a lot of pent-up energy within me," she added.

Her rumoured relationship with Hooda is said to have reached a dead end, and Neetu clarifies that marriage is far from her current list of agenda.

"I don`t know where these rumours of marriage are coming from. It was only when a dear filmmaker friend recently asked if I`d like to do his film that I got to know there was a prevalent belief that I`m getting ready to quit.

"For the record I`m not getting married for another five years," she said.